Happy Birthday Sonic the Hedgehog!

22 Years ago today , Sonic the Hedgehog was released. This Blue-Blur was Mario’s first real threat that also captured the hearts of millions. Sonic took the Video Game World by storm and is still very popular today. Though our friend has had multiple failures and stumbles throughout his life , he eventually stabilized and had many years of good Games.

When I was around five , my Dad gave me his SEGA Nomad and he hooked it up to the TV and I played lots of Games , but one stood out : Sonic the Hedgehog! I loved the Game so much that I got all the Toys and Plush that I could , and clung to them dearly. Sonic was a perfect Game back then. A little bit after that , Sonic Heroes came out , but by then the Nomad didn’t work. My parents got me a Sonic Compilation with most of the Genesis titles on it , and I played that so much more than Heroes that when my Dad saw me playing SH , he said “Glad to see you playing this!”. A few years later , the XBox 360 was released , and , along with it , the famous Sonic 06. I was devastated that I couldn’t get it , but later my Dad’s cousin gave us a 360. That Christmas , I got Sonic 06 , which is still one of my favorite Modern Sonic Games. Life went on , and I still remained a Sonic Fan. Ten years later , I am still dedicated. So a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the World’s Fastest , Awesomest , and Greatest Hedgehog: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONIC!!!!!


(By the way , let’s not forget it’s Eggman’s Birthday too!) God Bless y’all , and God Bless Sonic!

3 More Game Gear Titles Hit 3DS eShop!

SEGA has again added 3 Game Gear Games to the 3DS eShop , but this time they have included one of Sonic’s Classic Platforming adventures as well as one of Tails’ rare Spin-Off’s , and another Game I’ve never heard of!



Sonic Blast is the Game Gear port of Sonic 3D Blast , though it is nothing like it. The game features “3D-ish” Graphics in Side-Scrolling Platformer version of Sonic 3D. The Game features music that is completely original ; it has very little relation to Sonic 3D’s music.  This Game is very fun and long as well as difficult. The Game follows the same story as the other titles , except this time Robotnik has stolen all the Chaos Emeralds and built a Giant Space Station (Called a “Giant Platform with a Walrus Mustache” in the manual) that strongly resembles the Death Egg. You will gain access to an extra Boss if you collect all the Chaos Emeralds , just like the Genesis / Saturn version. Also , just like the Genesis / Saturn version , the Final Boss is shaped like an Egg.  It is essentially a 2.5D version of Sonic and Knuckles , though the Game is easier with Knuckles due to his Climbing ability. Sonic has a “Blast Attack” , but it is nothing like the Homing Attack in Sonic 3D. It is basically a double-jump.

7887_10151652483867418_260089399_n 9093356569_9e388d24b8


Tails Adventure! I’ve never played this before , but I’ve read up on it and it sounds fun! You go around as Tails in a little flying ship and also on land to destroy birds. You eventually battle a large evil Bird named Kukku.

9095580418_351ae5f770 9095580422_b3215111f6

Defender of Oasis. I’ve never heard or read about this until now. Looks fun though! SEGA says that there are more GG Games on the way for the eShop. Along with this , I announce that I have finally found someone who can fix my GG and hopefully for a low price! Please comment , GOD BLESS!

Game Genie : Official Cheating!

Have you ever had a hard time beating a game or just wanted to add extras to your game? Well , then you need a Game Genie!

A Game Genie is a special Cartridge that allows you to input codes before you start your Game. When you’ve entered your codes , you press Start and the Game starts as usual , but , depending on the code(s) you input , you will have extra abilities! Abilities like unlimited life , Ring multiplier , unlimited oxygen , and cool things like Super Sonic not losing Rings every second! The Cartridge is similar to the Sonic & Knuckles Cartridge , as in it has a Cartridge port on top of it , though this Cartridge has no lid. You can input up to five codes at a time that let you modify the Gameplay. Originally the Cartridge came with a code booklet , but the codes can easily be found online if you don’t have one.

I traded some Games I don’t play for this , and the employee was going to give me less than its price in store credit , but I haggled him up to the right price 🙂 . Now I have some pictures to show you ! Behold , the Tower of Genesis!


Game Genie , Sonic & Knuckles , and Sonic the Hedgehog 3! The only thing that could make this taller would be a 32X , or more of the S&K and GG Cartridges.

The Cartridges go on top of the GG , and the bottom of the GG is like a normal Cartridge.

This is really cool and a nice accessory for the Genesis. Having these cool abilities are amazing , and I’ve only seen one ability in this that can be done without it (Level Select in Sonic 1). You can start with 5 Emeralds , get Emerald multipliers , get Extra Lives with fewer Rings , Mega-Jumps ,  and lots of other great exclusives. You can also turn on or off the GG’s function during the Game , so if you want to play the Game normally you can just flip the switch on the GG. The only note I have (not a complaint) is that when you use it there is a light buzzing sound but it can’t be heard unless there is not sound in the Game or the volume is too high. Not a problem at all! Hope you like this review ! Please comment , GOD BLESS!

Sonic 3D Blast : Genesis VS Saturn

Sonic 3D Blast was released in 1996 by SEGA and developed by Traveler’s Tales. The game was the first 3D Sonic the Hedgehog Game , featuring fully rendered graphics and isometric view.

The goal of this game is different than the other games. Robotnik has discovered the power of the Flickies , and turns them into Badniks in yet another attempt to capture the Chaos Emeralds. Sonic must destroy these Badniks and free the Flickies inside . He then must send them back to there home using Giant Rings.When Sonic frees a Flickie , it will follow him wherever he goes. If a Flickie is attacked , it will stray away and Sonic will have to get it’s attention again so it will follow him. If Sonic is hit , all of the Flickies scatter , and Sonic must re-collect them. Sonic must free 5 Flickies and send them back home to clear the Giant Ring , around which is blocked access to the next area of the Act.  Once the Ring is cleared , the access is unblocked and Sonic can proceed. Each Zone consists of 3 Zones , 2 of which are regular levels where Sonic frees Flickies , and the third of which is a Boss battle , in which there are no Flickies. In the first Act of the Final Zone (Panic Puppet) , Flickies are trapped inside of containers , as Robotnik didn’t have enough time to Roboticize the them . There are still Badniks , but there are no Flickies inside. In the second Act of Panic Puppet , there are no Flickies at all , but there are still Badniks. The goal of that Act is to make your way to a giant statue of Dr. Robotnik and get inside of it , where the potential Final Boss is located. Along with the regular Shields (Blue that protects from Electricity , Red that protects from Fire/Lava) this game includes a Golden “Blast Shield” Which Sonic can use to perform Homing Attacks on enemies (or any dangerous Balloons). Of course Chaos Emeralds play a large role in the Game : if the player collects all seven Chaos Emeralds , they will gain access to the real Final Boss and a Good Ending. If the player does not collect all seven , Robotnik is seen with them in the Bad Ending.


The Game was originally released for the Genesis , but was later ported to Saturn to make up for the canceled “Sonic X-Treme” . During seven weeks of porting , the Game’s music , graphics , Special Stages , Zone appearance , speed , difficulty , and Map were completely re-designed ; the latter two of which were only altered slightly. The Saturn boasted better graphics , better music , better sound effects , extra details in the Levels , a map of all the Zones , a map of the Act on the Pause Screen , high-definition cutscenes , better special stages , higher speed , and a higher difficulty than the Genesis version , but had long Load Screens , as it was on a disc compared to a Cartridge , in which there are no Load Screens. Also , in the Saturn version , Sonic is flown to the Special Stage by whichever Character he gave the 50+ Rings to , as oppose to the Genesis version , where Sonic just appears there.


The Special Stages in the Saturn version are know for being some of the best in the Sonic series:


Here is an example of the difference between the Genesis and the Saturn version of the Zones (Sorry about how bright the pictures are) :

100_8404 100_8412

Here is a comparison of the two Special Stages:


The Zone with the most difference (and the best Boss in my opinion) is the Final Boss. The music in the Genesis version (1st) is a techno beat that doesn’t really fit a Final Boss. The Saturn version has a “super-Evily death Robotnik” vamped-up version of the regular Boss theme.

100_8405 100_8417

Which port do you prefer? I prefer the Saturn! Please comment , GOD BLESS!

PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures Debut and Review

Today was the first day that Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures was aired on Disney XD. The show features Pac-Man as a teenager who is destined to defeat the Ghosts in the nether-lands and save a world of Fruit-shaped people from them. Pac-Man accidentally releases the Ghosts from the nether-lands when running away from a bully. It is later revealed to Pac-Man that he must defeat them , using the grapes from a fruit tree called “The Tree of Life” which the Ghosts steal. I don’t personally like the show ,  but I’m nearly 15. My younger brother enjoyed it though. My problem with the show is definitely the new characters and the voice actors. But , like I said , it’s a kids show and I have no reason to condemn it as a 15 year old. I do pray that the upcoming Video Game is not based on the show .Did you guys watch it? What is your opinion? Please comment , GOD BLESS!

Four Game Gear Titles Hit 3DS eShop!

SEGA has done well in selling their old Games on modern devices , and now they have added 4 titles to 3DS eShop! The titles include:

Sonic the Hedgehog (8-Bit)

Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine (8-Bit)

Columns (8-Bit)

And Shining Force : The Sword of Hyjal!


I’m not sure how well these are emulated , or if they were ported. Why don’t y’all try it out? I have personally played MBM and STH and the 16-Bit version of Columns and they are all great. If y’all have these , please tell us! GOD BLESS!

Recommended 3rd-Party Accessories for SEGA Genesis and Saturn

Most 3rd-party accessories for the SEGA Genesis and Saturn are complete crap. They don’t work , they perform horribly , and they are fragile. But , there are a handful that stand above the rest. Here they are :


Most 3rd-party game parts are just junk , but , as the box says, this is an
innovation. It actually works very well! It’s low-priced and sturdy , as well as
reliable. My only comment is that the part that plugs into the wall gets very
hot , but not to a dangerous point , and the original adapter may do that as
well , but I don’t know. The box design is clever : It never says that it is
licensed by SEGA , but it has a very small fake SEGA Seal that says “THE BEST” .
The logo is small enough to gain approval of a quick looker. It also mentions
that it works for “GEN 2 & 3” , so it looks legit , and it’s actually worthy
of being legit. I usually fork out the extra money for official products , but
this is just fine.

Also we have the amazing Eclipse Stick:


I traded some games and $5 with a local game merchant to get this controller ,
and I’d say it’s worth everything I spent. Its got large Arcade-style buttons
and a Joystick. Its also got a strong metal base and is made of very
high-quality parts. Unlike the other 3rd-party junk this controller proves
itself worthy. It has a “Slow” button that pauses and un-pauses the game rapidly
, which , though a nice addition , is kind of unnecessary . You can also program
a button to activate multiple buttons at once as well as some other features I
can’t quite figure out , like the two switches and the second feature on the LED
display. That leads us to our next point : the LED display. It’s really nice and
bright , great addition! The controller even works great with “Notorious” games
like Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic R. The only complaint I have is the “Trigger
Button” placement. It makes it pretty hard to use the “Corner” function in Sonic
R , but since I can corner easily without triggers in most levels , I only have
to avoid the Regal Ruins Track while using this , due to it’s curves. But ,
that’s just with Sonic R , so I don’t know how it would fare in games where the
triggers would perform other functions. The controller uses a more reliable and
repairable method of touch sensors , and since the analog Thumbpad on my 3D
controller uses a technology I don’t know how to repair , I find this
controller’s build more favorable (BTW , if anyone knows how to fix the analog
Thumbpad , please comment!!). It’s an amazing 3rd-party controller that matches
and , at some points , outdoes SEGA’s official controllers. What I LOVE LOVE
LOVE about this controller is the really long cord. My bed (where I sit when
playing my GEN/Saturn and other Games) is a reasonably long distance from my
television , and I have to sit at the end of my bed to play my GEN/Saturn. But
with this controller , I am free to lie around on my bed while using this
heavenly controller. I recommend this up to at least the $25 range , but not too
much more.

These are way-past cool ! Very highly recommended ! Please comment , GOD BLESS!

NXTLog – LEGO’s NXT Community!

Have you wanted to post your creations on a website less diverse than MOCPages? Then check out NXTLog! NXTLog is a website where LEGO fans can post their NXT creations in a Mindstorms-exclusive community. You can post pictures , videos , and programs of your projects. I currently only have one creation there , but that’s because I’ve only built one project currently with my Mindstorms.


I also like the website because there are much more people around my age on there , since most kids can’t afford Mindstorms. My username there is JESUSFREAK1757 , so check me out! Please comment , GOD BLESS!

LEGO Mindstorms Found for $10

I was at my local Flea Market looking for Games and LEGO when I received a call from my mom. She said she had found a LEGO Mindstorms for $10. I was not sure if sure if she was correct or not about what it was but she bought it. After we were finished at the Flea Market , I got into the truck and saw it! LEGO Mindstorms almost complete for $10!


Awesome , right? The only part I could tell was missing was a green ball , but there are 2 other green balls in there so it’s fine with me! Here’s everything I got:


Lots of pieces , Manual , Test Pad , 3 Motors , 2 Touch Sensors , 1 Color Sensor , 1 Ultra-Sonic Sensor , the NXT , as well as connectors. The first day I got it I built a Coin Pusher by modifying the cabinet of my incomplete LEGO Claw Machine. I added the coin-pushing drawer as well as barriers for the coin-pushing area and some other stuff. Check out my pics!


Here is the whole model. When you start the program , it will say “Play” and the NXT will display “PRESS BUTTON”. Once you press the Touch Sensor , a Laser Blast sound will be heard and the drawer will start moving. At this time , the NXT will read “INSERT COINS”. After 60 seconds , the drawer will stop and the NXT will say “Game Over” and then “Play”. The NXT will once again display “PRESS BUTTON” and the process will continue until it is canceled.


Before the button is pushed , this is displayed. After it is pushed , this is displayed:


This will display for 60 seconds , and will go back to “PRESS BUTTON” after.

Here is the Coin Pusher with no coins inside:


Here is the Motor:


Here is the Coin Slot. Inside are a few studs that the coin will hit . When it hits one , it will go a different direction .


Nice , huh? Here is my video of it:

100_7522 - Copy

I am thankful to God that He blessed me with this. Please Comment , GOD BLESS!

Sonic Lost World Trailer Revealed

For the past few days we have been waiting anxiously for the release of more information about Sonic Lost World , and today SEGA released the trailer as well as more pictures.


We now have full confirmation that the monsters will be enemies , and they are as ugly as we thought. But don’t worry , this is the LEAST of our worries about the game. But I’ll tell you all that later.


The game seems to use side-scrolling and 3rd person platforming , and it features new abilities as well as using the Color abilities from Sonic Colors.

Here are some packaging photos:



You know how in most games Robotnik tampers with a force that eventually turns on him at the end of the game? Well , Segtindo doesn’t even let it get that far. As soon as the game starts , the new monsters (“The Deadly Six”) , which Robotnik tried to harness , turn on him and he must join forces with Sonic to defeat them.

This “Lost World” seems to be similar to the “White Space” in Sonic Generations . Old Zones complete with original Badniks fill the world , while the Ugly Six try to defeat Sonic and Robotnik. Segtindo states :

“We are proud of the strong relationship between Nintendo and SEGA and look forward to continuing success with Sonic Lost World on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS,” commented Hiroyuki Miyazaki, Chief Content Officer, SEGA of America. “The game marks an evolution of the Sonic series and fans –both old and new — will be excited by a story which sees two of video games biggest adversaries, Sonic and Dr. Eggman, joining forces for the first time to help defeat a new deadly threat.”

Sonic and Robotnik , together fighting bad-guys. Wow , I am speechless. This can not turn out good. Sonic and Robotnik have been ENEMIES from the beginning , only teaming up when a stronger force threatens the life of Robotnik and Sonic , in which case the former forms a temporary alliance with Sonic to defeat the enemy. You may wonder what’s different from that and this. Well , those are usually just a Final Boss , so it only rears it’s ugly head once. This is a full out game of it!

“Alongside a single player adventure, the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions of Sonic Lost World will feature a range of competitive multiplayer modes. In addition, each platform will also contain distinctive features that take advantage of the consoles’ unique capabilities.  Exclusive Wii U Color Powers can be controlled with the Wii U GamePad by tilting, touching, aiming and more.  The full game can also be played using only the GamePad screen and will feature a two player support mode. Sonic Lost World for the Nintendo 3DS is the first handheld Sonic game ever to feature fully realized 3D levels which include exclusive Special Stages and Color Powers unique to Nintendo 3DS.”

Well , I can’t say I didn’t see it coming , but I wanted more out of this Segtindo thing. Instead of making the Sonic series better , they stomped it into the ground! What’s next ? Mario and Bowser fighting an evil mutated Princess Peach? Anyway , here are some more pictures:

8876238803_75c4ca6e80_s 8876854478_bc6b74729b_s 8876854548_5cc6d6c08e_s 8876854584_293b5c468b_s

Here is the trailer:


I don’t have anything else to say about this. Please comment your feelings , GOD BLESS!