Jesus is the Way

A very long time ago , a man named “JESUS” was born. He never did anything wrong , even though at age 33 , He was tortured and killed for the sins of the world. HE DIED FOR US , SO THE LEAST WE CAN DO IS SERVE HIM. He asks for us not to steal , use his name in vain , kill , lie , and other sins. The BIBLE has a list of what not to do called “THE TEN COMMANDMENTS” . They can be found in Exodus chapter 20. I serve God and hope you will. To get him in your heart , pray . Ask God to come into your heart and admit that you have sinned. I hope you become a Christian too! GOD BLESS!
  1. George Habskoupa

    Hi I’m George and I’m also a Christian. Do you actually like Toby Mac? I do too.

  2. Stinkin’ love him. I love how he can mix Metal with Rap and make it sound completely natural. Seen him in concert , got most of his cd’s and got some merchandise.

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