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Star Wars Episode I Monopoly Game

Today’s post was originally going to be about how the new Monopoly Empire Game excludes Jail and replaces locations with brands , but it was too short so I added my Star Wars Monopoly Game to it. I later took out the Monopoly Empire part , as it was swallowed whole by my Star Wars Game. So today’s post is about my 1999 Star Wars Episode I Monopoly Game. I included lots of nice Pictures in this post so enjoy!


Betcha can’t guess where I got this? Goodwill , of course! I paid about four dollars for this and everything but the box is in GREAT CONDITION! At my local Goodwill , they don’t treat their stuff very well : they wrote the price on this box and used lots of packing tape to keep it shut. Nonetheless , it’s amazing. Though Episode One may not be my favorite Star Wars Film , I don’t hate it at all. Its got lots of nice Star Wars Figures and Cards as well as the Game Board with Star Wars locations and Star Wars Credits!

Here is a Picture of the Game Board!


Here is everything in the box:


From what I can tell by reading the Instruction Manual , this is complete and even has a few extra pieces! The open slots in the box are for the players’ Credits.

Here are the Figurines!





And my favorite : The Emperor!


What do you guys think of this Monopoly Game? Do you like it? Please comment what you think! GOD BLESS!

World’s Largest LEGO Model – X-Wing!

Have you ever tried to make a LEGO model Super-Sized? Well , LEGO has started to make GIANT models made out of LEGO to LOOK like the actual LEGO model and not the real thing. Their latest installment has broken the record as the world’s LARGEST LEGO model – LEGO X-WING!

942143_10151463351238403_2131872968_n 968924_10151463141363403_560390788_n 984288_10151463101943403_402755530_n

WOW! Look at the detail on the studs!! I can’t believe how amazing this looks! It is made to resemble an actual LEGO set , which just adds to the awesome. It also looks like it WORKS like the real LEGO model!


It’s not over yet!  The cockpit is a photo booth!


Check out the small scale VS the full size!


Also the Not-So-Minifigs!


Breathtaking. If I were there , I would be vibrating with excitement . I later found out that they put the LEGO model in a hangar! Like for planes!!!

579307_10151522771178224_1284792390_n Picture by the Mythbusters!

Looks awesome , doesn’t it? Please comment , GOD BLESS!

LEGO Star Wars 2012 #9492 Tie Fighter Review

I received this and the Imperial V-wing Starfighter for my birthday in 2012 (Who says teens can’t have presents?). I was SOOO surprised at the amazingly huge size of the Tie Fighter. Now,  to get started , Let’s talk about the Minifigures!



Tie Pilot: He has new 2010 helmet design that first came in the Tie Defender but with the 2012 Trooper head design. Very nice!
R5-J2 : New Astromech head with the torso design of R2-Q5. Nice look , especially the head , and great coloring. Doesn’t have that large a role in the films , but still adds to the amazingness of this set.
Imperial Officer: The Imperial Officer is a very nice looking and hard-to-get Minifig and fits in perfectly with the other figures. He has a somewhat “rare” dark grey Kepi hat , an the same head that many Imperial/Rebel troops also have. Nice detail on the torso.
Death Star Trooper: This is a great design with a new helmet and head as well as great printing on the torso. One side of the head has a “mad” face ,  while the other (which is my personal favorite) has the same printing as the 2007 AT-ST Pilot. Also includes a blaster. He is one of my favorite Minifigures (Aside from my Chrome Gold C-3PO) and is the best one in this set.
Now to the Tie Fighter!
First off , let me tell you , this is about 10 times larger than it looks online. The wings are HUGE and very detailed . Finally we get a fighter without the annoying blue pieces taking away precious movie accuracy . The circular parts in the middle of the wings , the cockpit window , and the dome above the cockpit are all printed so no huge annoying stickers! We also finally get an actual bubble cockpit window instead of the bubble-inside-a-square window in the previous 2. It is 100% movie accurate besides the red laser tips on the end if the flick-fire missiles , but since those can easily be removed and are made to , that doesn’t take away accuracy. As an ONLINE viewer , I thought that $50 was a little expensive for the part count , but as a REAL-LIFE viewer , I see that there are lots of large plates making it HUGE and worth a lot more than it costs. Sets the size of the Tie Fighter WITHOUT the extra figs go for a lot more than the listed price. In the build , there are a few yellow and red parts , but they are covered with black and grey later on in the build. I don’t know if those colors are cheaper to make than grey or black but maybe that’s why they are there. Anyway , thank you so much for reading my review , please comment  , GOD BLESS!

101 Ways to Display and Store Your LEGO

As a LEGO collector , I have lots of LEGO , but not lots of space to display all of my collection. So I have to be smart when it comes to where and how I display everything.


That’s my LEGO desk. There’s more behind the LEGO box with the Walker in it.

You definitely NEED a desk if you want to display well. Also topping it with LEGO baseplates , though expensive , will keep everything organized.

You may not be able to tell at first glance , but there is a technique to how my sets are displayed. Besides the large box in the front , my technique is to put smaller / shorter sets in the front , and larger and more likely to fall sets in the back. This serves more than just one purpose.

1. Having the smaller in the front and the larger in the back allows all of the sets and figures to be seen.

2. The larger sets are more likely fall if closer to the edge ,  as they will be bumped and if they did fall , it would be a harder one than if they fell on the desk.

I also put sets next to ones that relate to them , such as having my Hoth battle pack (behind the box , sorry) next to the AT-AT , and having the Sonic MOC’s together (more behind that box!!!) .

You can also display Minifigures , but this is much easier. LEGO has an official Minifigure display case that costs around $16 , and holds 16 Minifigs:


I use this to display my favorite , older , and unique figures. The flash completely covers the ’06 Han in carbonite.  They also make half-size versions of these , though I don’t know their prices.

And last , but , likely least , is something none of us want to do : store our LEGO.

Storing Minifigures is not very satisfying , as it waists their potential . But , if , like me , you don’t have enough space , you can put them in small plastic baggies and store them in boxes , or , what I use , organizers. Organizers are really good for color-sorting Bricks , as there is no need to display them. You can also use them to date or theme-store your figures:


They are very good for LEGO or small-sized toys and such.

For sorting AND storing your LEGO , there is an appealing product that will satisfy both:


This is another one of my GoodWill finds. I got it for I think around $4. It puts large , medium , and small Bricks into separate layers. Pour in your Bricks and give it a shake! It actually does very well , though mine is missing the clips that attach the top of the head to the rest of it , so I can’t carry it as easily.

Also lots of tubs (like the blue one behind the head) padded with cloth can keep smaller sets safe.

Got any creative ways to display or sort? Tell us about ’em! Please comment , GOD BLESS!!!!!

May the 4th Be with You / Free Comic Book Day

Today , May the fourth , 2013 ,  is Official Star Wars Day!! On top of that , it’s Free Comic Book Day , and you can get select comics for the low price of oxygen participating Comic Book stores. I went to my local one and picked up three (the limit) of these:


I got one for me , one for my best friend , and one for my brother. The comic is rather short , but it’s free , so I’m not complaining.

Now I have the rest of the post to talk about May the Fourth (Force) Be with You! Stores are putting merchandise on sale , Nerds are rejoicing , and stuff is on sale! Enjoy your retro films , video games , and , mostly , LEGOs!!!! You can get a free Hoth Han Solo fig with any purchase of $75  (on or more on today and tomorrow. Did I mention that tomorrow is Revenge of the Fifth?? I wonder who came up with these? Einstein?  A genius had to have done it!

Last but not least , today I added a new member to the Classics Rising family : a SEGA Saturn!


I picked up this wonderful machine at my local flee market for $25! I have no games , but I put in a music CD to test it (the seller said it worked , but I wanted a confirmation). The guy I bought it from was selling a PSP , GBA SP , WII , Atari 2600 ,  XBox , SNES , Genesis ,Saturn , Dreamcast ,  and a souped NES that the guy fixed to work with EUR cartridges and he added an extra controller port as well as other amazing changes. He had low prices on the systems , but he over-charged for games , which is why I didn’t buy any.

This beautiful contraption sits right next to its technological “little brother” , the Genesis!


Here is the amazingly comfortable controller:


That’s this wonderful day’s post! Please comment , GOD BLESS!

LEGO Minifigure Speech Bubbles!

Have you ever wanted your minifigures to say what’s on the tip of their printed plastic tongue? Well , now they can! All you need is LEGO Minifigure speech bubbles!


These are nifty little comic-style bubbles that attach to a minifigure’s neck or a LEGO-studded surface. They can be used in comics , MOCs , and Brickfilms , though I don’t recommend the last , as you would have to remove the figure’s head every time they said something.

They also include lots of blank bubbles and stickers , a bubble stencil , and different colored bubbles , as well as different types of bubbles for different emotions!



You can still use most head accessories with these , but any that extend below the neck will not go on completely due to the arm extending to the bubble. You get a lot for around $10 , so definitely worth it! I especially like these for making 1-picture LEGO comics and stuff like that. Please comment , GOD BLESS!!

LEGO Star Wars BrickMaster Review

I was at GoodWill the other day and while the employees were stocking the book shelves , I noticed something on their cart. It was the Atlantis and Castle LEGO BrickMaster books! After I scooped them up and began to take off someone handed me a LEGO Star Wars BrickMaster book as well! The original price was $30 each , but we only paid $2.50 each. Now to the review! It took me a while , but I built all of the models.


Here are the first models :  AAT(Armored Assault Tank) Battle Tank and Nu-Class Attack Shuttle.

The both look nice , especially the AAT . The AAT’s secondary laser canons move up and down/360 degrees. The turret swivels and the primary laser canon moves up and down. The NCAS’s wings , cockpit , secondary and primary laser canons move.  A problem is that the 2 transparent Bricks that make the display stand aren’t enough to leave it in “fly” position. Neither of the models hold Minifigs  , sadly.


The second models ; LAAT/R (Low Altitude Assault Transport / Reconnaissance) and STAS (Single Trooper AirSpeeder)

Both are great models ; lots of articulation and weapons. The LAAT/R definitely looks the best . It has blasters (wings)  , canons (below swivel) , and a primary canon (swivel).  The STAS is smaller , and less exciting , as it has no moving parts except the tiny laser under the ship. It still looks really neat though. These two models hold Figures  , which makes them much better.

100_5851 100_5850

The third models , S-Wing and Mobile Missile Platform.

The S-Wing looks very cool with its six (6) separate blasters , hinged wings , and sleek design. The MMP looks great too. It has a giant laser canon , and a ground vibration censor (blaster-looking thing in the front). Not as sleek a design , but still great.


Now , the last (and my favorite) models , the AT-RT (All-Terrain Reconnaissance Transport) , and VTS (Varied Terrain Speeder).

I have always loved the walkers in Star Wars and though this is a Prequel/Clone Wars walker , it is still the best of the models. It has a moving antenna , the legs move at two joints each (foot and legs) , it has a Clone Trooper blaster holder in the back , controls , and a blaster canon. It stands up well , which is very hard to do with LEGO (I’ve built a Minifig-scale AT-ST before , and balancing , even while standing on a baseplate , is a hard thing to make a LEGO model do).

The VTS is the best of the Droid ships. It has a large swiveling cannon , a nice design and the Droid fits nicely. While I was typing the review , I noticed something in the book’s picture of the finished model that wasn’t shown in the instructions: more blasters!


I looked over the instructions over and over , and these are not present. If you wish to add these you must follow these instructions:


Remove the Droid cockpit controls , both sets of Bricks on the side , and the 1×4’s with the dark grey 1×2’s on them from the front of the model. Then replace the light grey 1×4 with the structure pictured. Then just put all the pieces back in their place , and you’re done.

Now for the review of the book itself!


Information about the models ,  their real counterparts , tips , and little comics are given throughout the book. There is also great artwork on the pages  , and there is a nice compartment that holds the bag of Bricks you get . The bag is actually really good quality and is reuseable , the book is about the same quality as the LEGO Encyclopedia/Dictionary books . One huge problem I found was the instructions. The instructions aren’t well put together (kind of ironic) : you don’t get the list that shows you the pieces used in a given step , and the steps are very crowded (too many things being done in a single step). After you get through that , you have great models for your collection. Is it worth the $30 price tag? Actually , yes! Here’s how:

240 LEGO Bricks

X 10 cents (average price) per Brick = $24.00

+ 2 Minifigs

+ Hardcover book and instructions

=Totally worth it!

This is my review! Please comment , GOD BLESS!

BrickArcade Challenge Extended Rules

With the BrickArcade Challenge now started , I have decided to post the extended rule list.

1. Your machine must be LEGO (I.E. , no fake brands or other building material such as wood , non-LEGO metal , or non-LEGO plastic)

2. You CAN use whatever electronics (LEGO or non) you want , such as an IPod/Pad , GameBoy , or ect.

3. It must perform an action/it must function ; if it’s a claw machine , it must grab prizes ; if it’s a video game , it must play. If the game does nothing , it will not be judged , and , thus , can not win.

4. It doesn’t have to be coin operated , but that will increase your score. (NOTE: If it just has a coin slot , and the coin performs no function , it will not count as coin operated)

5. You CAN use paper/other materials for artwork on the machine.

6. You must provide adequate pictures. Pictures of the internal mechanisms will help your score.

These are all of the rules for the BrickArcade Challenge. As said before , all submissions must be uploaded to Classics Rising’s Facebook page  , or emailed to me if Facebook is not an option.

Entries will be judged by me and possibly a second judge. Please enter! GOD BLESS!

BrickArcade Challenge!

Have you ever wanted an arcade game but didn’t have room for the real deals? Of course , if we A or TFOL’s want anything , we build it out of LEGO , so why not arcade machines?!?!


In my past , I made multiple claw machines out of LEGO , as I was addicted to them back then. Out of all my attempts , this one was the best in the claw machine department . I also built a coin pusher that can be seen here. Also my LEGO Pinball Machines did well.


I also made an Atlantis one (video here) that worked pretty good.

My challenge to YOU is to build your own LEGO version of whatever arcade game you choose , be it a claw machine , UFO Catcher , Arcade Game , Pinball Machine , or Coin Pusher!

Of course there are rules to this contest (Did I mention it was a contest?) which are :

1. It MUST be LEGO (no fake brands or other building material).

2. You can use whatever electronics you want inside (LEGO or non-) such as an IPod or something that the game would be played on.

3. It DOESN’T have to be coin operated , but that would help your chances of winning.

NOTE : The rules have been updated/extended. See here.


To enter the contest , take a picture (please no black-and-whites!) of your arcade game , along with a description of the machine/game. Upload that picture to the Classics Rising Facebook page with your description to enter. The best of the best will win!

NOTE : If you CAN’T go on Facebook , send me an email with your description and picture.

All contest entries will be reviewed and judged by me. I PROMISE that I will not be biased ; if there is a terrible Pac-Man machine versus an amazing Tetris  , I will pick the best-built.

Please enter , GOD BLESS!

New LEGO Star Wars Magnets!

It’s been a while since LEGO updated their magnets (well , besides the loathsome gluing of them) but now they have totally new designs !


These new designs are $6.99 each and are anonymously attached to a circular background. Unfortunately , LEGO tells that they are not removable from the background. As I said , I have no clue of how they are attached to the back , so I don’t know how to remove them. I plan on eventually getting some and removing them by the most painless methods possible. Enough about that , now let’s get on with the rest of the ones they make!




These aren’t the magnets we’re looking for!


There are also Super Hero , Lord of the Rings , and a Yoda available! I am some-what hesitant of these since they are $7 each as oppose to the $5 each the originals were , plus I am unsure of how to remove them. That’s today’s post! Please comment , GOD BLESS!