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The Best of the Best Video Game Merchandise

Along with most successful Video Games comes merchandise such as Action Figures , Plushies , and LCD Mini-Games , though the latter fazed out a few years ago. Since I’m a big fan of Sonic and Pac-Man , I thought I should post about the best of the best merchandise. Let’s Start off with Pac-Man!

LCD Pac-Man Game


This is the cooler Lit one that is transparent. It’s got lots of extra functions like Pause , New Game , Two Player , Sound ON/OFF , and Player/Check. The Zones consist of multiple “Floors”  that make up the map.

Arcade Candy Tin


The Arcade Candy Tin is amazing. It has lots of details and is low-priced. Look at the Game Screen!

Light-Up Sound-Making Ornaments


Though these are rather expensive , they are totally worth it. Press a Button and the Screen and Banner light up while sounds from the Game play. They retailed around $30 each when they came out , but the price is bound to have changed by now.

Ms./Pac-Man and Ghost Wind-Up


This is my NM Ms. Pac-Man 1982 Wind-Up. The fact that Ms. Pac-Man has pretty much been left out from all the modern Pac-Man Games makes it even more cool , as there isn’t anymore merchandise like this.


Pac-Man and Ghost (Blinky) Wind-Ups

These look great! You wind them up and they race around in circles. Plus the box can be closed back , unlike the Carded Ms. Pac-Man Wind-Up.

Pac-Man Bandages


Very unique and only a Dollar! Nice and Nerdy!

That’s all for Pac-Man . Now time for Sonic!

Dr. Eggman (Robotnik) Plushie


Though Sonic X was terrible , there was still some good merchandise that relates to the Games. This Robotnik Plushie is a great figure that is one of the stars of my collection.

Sonic Spinball Machine

online 4

This is a fun machine with artwork from Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball (Game Gear/Master System). It’s got fun Sound Effects and a flashing light. It also has an LCD Display that will display a Score up to 99,999 Points.

Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Comics


Though the Archie Comics are a little too expansive compared to how the Games are (which are also too expansive themselves!) it’s still good to have something similar to the TV Shows , since the only good one was SatAM and that and the others are all gone.

Nooowwww…… for the best merchandise that BOTH Pac-Man AND Sonic have in common…..


TV GAMES!!! It is the cheapest way to get Arcade Perfect ports of Classic Games , since the Games on Virtual Console and Live Arcade are Emulations , not Ports. TV Games Still remain today , though Pac-Man TV Games are pretty much gone.

That’s today’s late post. I hope you like it! Please Comment , GOD BLESS!

PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures Debut and Review

Today was the first day that Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures was aired on Disney XD. The show features Pac-Man as a teenager who is destined to defeat the Ghosts in the nether-lands and save a world of Fruit-shaped people from them. Pac-Man accidentally releases the Ghosts from the nether-lands when running away from a bully. It is later revealed to Pac-Man that he must defeat them , using the grapes from a fruit tree called “The Tree of Life” which the Ghosts steal. I don’t personally like the show ,  but I’m nearly 15. My younger brother enjoyed it though. My problem with the show is definitely the new characters and the voice actors. But , like I said , it’s a kids show and I have no reason to condemn it as a 15 year old. I do pray that the upcoming Video Game is not based on the show .Did you guys watch it? What is your opinion? Please comment , GOD BLESS!

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures Announcement!

Today the official Pac-Man Facebook page posted about Pac-Man’s newest game coming this fall! Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures!

PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures – Announcement Trailer

It features (of course) Pac-Man and lots of Ghosts , as well as unidentified new characters. It seems the game revolves around eating everything possible , and avoiding Ghosts , so it should be good! It also seems like eating different types of Ghosts give Pac-Man different special abilities , similar to what the Wisps do to Sonic in Sonic Colors. I’m glad that the Ghost designs are going back to the way they used to be , as the newer designs don’t look as good.  Anyway  , I hope it’s as good as it looks! Please comment ,GOD BLESS!

Plush Toys : Addictions at Low Prices

Ever since I was a child and got my first Sonic plush toy , I have collected plush toys from my interests. Through my previous addiction with Claw Machines , my collection has grown and grown and grown , and now I have an uncontrollable mass of stuffed creatures living in my room and promoting my nerd-ism.  Sadly , some of the plush is large and too limp to display without a shelf , which I have no room for. But , even though the reside in my closet , they still have display potential , so I have decided to show you all what I have!

WARNING: Most of these came from Claw Machines , so be prepared to hear that a lot.


Here is the entire collection spread out on my bed. As you can see , there are a lot , so I will break them up into sections.


Holiday figures. The one on the far left is the first Sonic plush toy I ever got , and it is around 10 years old. The next came from a claw game , the third also , and the 4th from a thrift store. The last is also crane-won.


Random Plush. The first was from a carnival and the second from a claw machine. As far as I know they are both from Sonic X.


UFO Cather (Japanese Claw Machine) Prizes. The first I got for free from a guy that was refilling the crane , the others are from countless dollars spent on a SEGA UFO Catcher. I have also seen the football in UFO Catchers.


The back of the football.


My two Shadow’s. One of them came from a thrift store and the other was my brother’s and he gave it to me so I have no clue where it came from.


Store-Bought Plush. First is the Sonic Generations classic plush , the other came with a blanket .


My RARE Shadow. It is around (I think) 2 ft and it is stuffed with hard foam , so it is very fragile (I had to sew it after I took this picture). What’s rare about this is the fact that the feet and legs are on backwards!


And now for my favorite….


Dr. Robotnik from Sonic X!

I got this at a carnival , and back then I was so excited (And I still would be now!) that I dedicated the events of that day to memory:

“That day , I was destined to get Dr, Eggman , one of the few characters that I didn’t own in plush or action figure form. I saw him the year before at my local fair , but my parents wouldn’t let me play the game in order to get it. A few years later I went to a different fair. After getting sick on the rides , I started a search for the famous Dr. Eggman of my dreams. I found a balloon-popping game and quickly grabbed a dart. He cost 3 popped balloons , so that was my goal. I threw the first balloon *POP* the second -Oh , dear- miss! I only had one dart left , and with all the rage of a nine-year-old nerd-to-be , I threw that dart and , by the grace of God , popped two at the same time. When we were leaving my cousin said “Oh , you got your Dr. Robotnik” and I snarled at her and said “NO! It’s Dr. Eggman!” That was before I know they were the same people.

Interesting story , huh? Well , that’s all my Sonic plush , so now for my Pac-Man plush!


As you can see , I have many duplicates , but that is because :

1. I had all 5 characters , and my brother would have , but he didn’t receive his Clyde ,  and he gave me his lot of them.

2. Every time I had a chance to get one of these , I did , and Claw Machines proved to be the most successful way to do so.

Here is the collection from top to bottom , left to right.

I have 2 small Pinky’s

3 Pac-Man’s (two with the classic “Pac-Man” logo on the tags , and one with the Pac-Man 25th anniversary logo on the tag)

1 custom Pac-Man made by my aunt

1 Large Pac-Man with the Pac-Mania design

I have 2 small Blinky’s

2 small and one large Inky

And 1 small and one large Clyde.

That’s all there is for my Classic Plush. Please comment , GOD BLESS!

Blast from the Past: 1982 Mrs. Pac-Man Wind-Up

In a recent post I told of a Mrs. Pac-Man Wind-Up that I picked up on EBay , so now I am going to post about it!!


I got it nearly mint for $4.99 and the owner was selling 89 of them. The price has lowered by 50c , and as of now there are only 3 left!

To be 31 years old , it’s in nice shape. I will never open it , so I cannot tell how well the wind-up function works. From what I’ve seen , it seems that it opens and closes its mouth while it wiggles and moves around. They really don’t make toys how they used to! Its got a cute little ghost (Inky) trapped inside Mrs. Pac-Man , obviously not good for him.


*Awww shoot!*




The entire collection along with a tempting little advertisement above them. I do eventually plan on purchasing the rest of the collection. This is the only cheap one I could find though.

That is this weeks BFTP! I did get many cool LEGO sets that I will write about soon! Please comment , GOD BLESS!

BrickArcade Challenge Extended Rules

With the BrickArcade Challenge now started , I have decided to post the extended rule list.

1. Your machine must be LEGO (I.E. , no fake brands or other building material such as wood , non-LEGO metal , or non-LEGO plastic)

2. You CAN use whatever electronics (LEGO or non) you want , such as an IPod/Pad , GameBoy , or ect.

3. It must perform an action/it must function ; if it’s a claw machine , it must grab prizes ; if it’s a video game , it must play. If the game does nothing , it will not be judged , and , thus , can not win.

4. It doesn’t have to be coin operated , but that will increase your score. (NOTE: If it just has a coin slot , and the coin performs no function , it will not count as coin operated)

5. You CAN use paper/other materials for artwork on the machine.

6. You must provide adequate pictures. Pictures of the internal mechanisms will help your score.

These are all of the rules for the BrickArcade Challenge. As said before , all submissions must be uploaded to Classics Rising’s Facebook page  , or emailed to me if Facebook is not an option.

Entries will be judged by me and possibly a second judge. Please enter! GOD BLESS!

BrickArcade Challenge!

Have you ever wanted an arcade game but didn’t have room for the real deals? Of course , if we A or TFOL’s want anything , we build it out of LEGO , so why not arcade machines?!?!


In my past , I made multiple claw machines out of LEGO , as I was addicted to them back then. Out of all my attempts , this one was the best in the claw machine department . I also built a coin pusher that can be seen here. Also my LEGO Pinball Machines did well.


I also made an Atlantis one (video here) that worked pretty good.

My challenge to YOU is to build your own LEGO version of whatever arcade game you choose , be it a claw machine , UFO Catcher , Arcade Game , Pinball Machine , or Coin Pusher!

Of course there are rules to this contest (Did I mention it was a contest?) which are :

1. It MUST be LEGO (no fake brands or other building material).

2. You can use whatever electronics you want inside (LEGO or non-) such as an IPod or something that the game would be played on.

3. It DOESN’T have to be coin operated , but that would help your chances of winning.

NOTE : The rules have been updated/extended. See here.


To enter the contest , take a picture (please no black-and-whites!) of your arcade game , along with a description of the machine/game. Upload that picture to the Classics Rising Facebook page with your description to enter. The best of the best will win!

NOTE : If you CAN’T go on Facebook , send me an email with your description and picture.

All contest entries will be reviewed and judged by me. I PROMISE that I will not be biased ; if there is a terrible Pac-Man machine versus an amazing Tetris  , I will pick the best-built.

Please enter , GOD BLESS!

Great New Finds II

Once again my blog waited hungry while I was away finding great new toys at amazing prices! This time only one was vintage , but they are still great finds!

First off , a LEGO Head Lamp Minifigure! It came from Books-A-Million for $3 , but the batteries are dead. Still awesome!

These are identical to the light-up keychain figures , but there is no keychain and there is a clip on the back for the headband. I look like a 90’s Ninja wearing this!!

Next up is one of the finds that was gained by a more exciting method. Giant Pac-Man plushy!


We went to a mall soon after Books-A-Million , and they had an arcade. In the arcade they had the obligatory Crane Games. Inside were tons of giant Pac-Man and Ghost plushies! I spent $4 getting this (the crane was $1 per play) which is actually a good deal since I had considered purchasing a smaller one that made sounds for around $13.  It’s about the size of a Basket Ball!

The third was online , and only $4.99!


Mrs. Pac-Man Wind-Up Toy sealed! I found this on eBay the same day I found all the other goodies. I purchased it this morning and I am very excited since this is my first 80’s (Mrs.) Pac-Man toy! I have toys from my childhood (early 2000’s) and lots of old merchandise from the 80’s (Food tray , Giant Coloring Book  , Games) but never before have I had 80’s Pac-Man toys. The best thing about it is that it is still sealed!!

That’s my latest load , I hope you like it! Please comment , GOD BLESS!

Blast from the Past – LCD Arcade Games

This week’s Blast from the Past is about LCD Games- a game’s cheaper , portable counterpart! Today I will show you some old ones from my childhood. First up , Pac-Man!

100_5820 This is a 2001 Pac-Man LCD game . This is the backlit version that is see-through , so it is better an easier to play than the non-lit one would be. It was given to me for Christmas way-back-when. It works and it still has the manual. Here is a screenshot:


Pac-Man goes through eight levels (floors) per stage eating Pac-Pellets , Power-Pellets , Fruit , and Ghosts. It is really fun to play especially for nostalgia’s sake. It has fun sound effects and two-player mode.

Next , my Super Breakout mini Arcade Game! I can’t find the manual but I still have the original joystick and the game works great!


I know the screen looks dim but that is just the camera flash. Here is a screenshot:


It is much like the Atari 2600 SB but it has a few differences. Despite that , it is still fun. It has great music , fun play , and a “demo” mode.

That’s this week’s Blast from the Past and today’s post. Please comment , GOD BLESS!

Great New Finds!

At Classics Rising , I try to keep it regular ; a post every day or at least every other. So you may have wondered why there has been no posts in the past few days , but don’t worry , I have a good excuse!!

Me and my family went to Atlanta for a job my Dad had to do. While we were there , we swung by Kennesaw , which has one of the best antique stores ever! Big Shanty Antiques and Gifts is located in Kennesaw , Georgia , and has many great antiques , as well as vintage stuff from the 80’s and the 90’s. They have low prices , and great products! The store has entire areas devoted to toys , but , even better , Star Wars! I wanted to get lots of figures , but for a low price. I saw some good regular-sized figures , but something else struck my fancy:


A 1993 Micro-Machines Return of the Jedi mini-vehicle set (Collection #3). I picked this up in one of the awesomest Star Wars toy areas you could ever find. It only cost me $2.99 , and for 3 vehicles , that’s worth it! It includes an AT-ST (My fave!) , Jabba’s Sail Barge , and a B-Wing Fighter.

Next up……


A 1996 Star Wars Figure set from the “Jedi Search” book. It has Admiral Daala , Moruth Doole , and Kyp Durron figures , as well as Sun Crusher , Z-95 Headhunter (X-Wing) , and Tie Interceptor Vehicles. I chose this one since it had the most recognizable vehicles , and the one from the book was the best-looking of the Expanded Universe ships. Once again , only $2.99.

Also I found an amazing deal : a SEALED Namco Classic Tv Game!


This is from 2003 and has the original Arcade versions of Pac-Man , Galaxian , Dig-Dug , Bosconian , and Rally-X. It’s really cool and amazing how it’s still sealed and almost mint after 10 years. It was only $7.99!

I was reading the bottom of the package when I found something funny:


I guess it doesn’t have the sinner’s warranty! Won’t be needing that anyway!

That’s all I got from the Antique Store , but I got some more stuff after that!

I got this for free at Chick-Fil-A:


I also got this Pac-Man stress ball (which will remain sealed as squeezing it will give it cracks):


Last , but in no means not least , is this Shadow Figure with Mono Beetle :


I think the official term for a post or video like this (where one posts about new stuff they bought) is a haul. Upon posting this , I am introducing a new weekly post : Blast from the Past! Once a week me or a member will make a post about a toy or game (or ect.) from the good ole days!! To make a post , please contact me . GOD BLESS!