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Goodwill Video Game Buying Guide

For a long time Goodwill has been a good source for LEGOs and Video Games for me , but sometimes I’ve just broken even when reselling. To prevent others from losing money , I thought I’d make a guide.

(NOTE : This Guide is for older Systems , not Modern.


Though there’s a few exceptions , most SPORTS Video Games for SEGA Genesis , NES , SNES , N64 , and others are basically worthless unless you intend on doing something like making a Video Game Reproduction with it.


Also Games that were EXTREMELY POPULAR , especially Pack-Ins (Games included with the System) are , though fun , virtually worthless. They were mass-produced , so many of them are out there.


Lastly , GAMES BASED ON TV SHOWS , GAME SHOWS , OR BOARD GAMES are usually useless. Though TV-Show Based Games can be worth some , most are not.


Now , let’s assess Games with Value. My local Goodwill charges a flat rate of $5 for Games , so these titles should bring in more money than that so you will profit.


THE LEGEND OF ZELDA  , especially Gold Cartridge Games , usually carry some value.

METAL GEAR : SOLID (GBC)  is a rare title , but it’s usually readily available for a high-ish price .

SEGA SATURN GAMES are generally worth lots of money. There are few that are worth less than $10.


I hope this guide helps you , GOD BLESS!


Tips to Get Your NES Running Again!


NES. Known also as the Famicom (“Family Computer”) or just “Nintendo”  , the Nintendo Entertainment System still stands strong today as a functioning System , and there are also companies today making reproduction NES’s . But if you’re like me and using the original products , you may have encountered problems with them , some due to age , and some due to design. You may think your old NES is worthless because it won’t function , but there is almost no way that it CAN’T be returned to functioning order ; as an added bonus , most of the methods can be used with common household products or with cheap materials.

Problems include scrambled images , the NES turning on and off rapidly , and it not functioning. This occurs from dirt / dust on the 72-Pin connector (“Cartridge reader” for those who don’t know) or on the Cartridges , and the blinking is put into action by a chip (“10NES” lockout chip) designed to lock out pirated or unlicensed Games (Supposedly , cutting the fourth pin on this lockout chip will eliminate the blinking , but I’m not willing to risk). Lastly , the 72-Pin connector may be over-worn.

Those who grew up with the NES remember blowing the Cartridge to get the Games to work with the System. That will work temporarily , but not only will the problem return , but it blows the dust and/or dirt into the insides of the Cartridge.

You will not want to blow the contacts of the Cartridge , but instead clean it with a Q-Tip or a specially designed Cleaning Swab:


It’s not required to resume function , but it is good to clean the insides if possible , but Cartridges often use special screws that can only be unscrewed with a special bit. These bits can be purchased online and are easy to find.

100_8655 100_8656

Follow this guide for cleaning the Cartridge and repeat if needed. Now that the Cartridge has been taken care of , we must evaluate the 72-Pin connector.

Cleaning the dust or dirt from the 72-Pin connector CAN be done by putting rubbing alcohol on a Cartridge and putting it in the NES , but this is not really a good idea , as it is not designed to clean the System and whatever dirt on the Cartridge is possibly transferred to the Pins and vice-versa. I recommend getting a NES Cleaning Kit. I bought my NAKI NES Cleaning Kit at my favorite store for a buck , and it really helps out.


This Cartridge is designed to clean the 72-Pin connector by the included solution (likely just rubbing alcohol) being applied to the “Contacts” and the Cartridge being inserted into the NES. Also , the solution can be applied to the swabs and , as shown above , can be used to clean the Cartridge contacts.

I hope my guides help you in getting your NES running! Thank you for reading , GOD BLESS!

Segtindo’s Relationship

Me and Nace10 (from  ) were speaking about the new relationship between SEGA and Nintendo , and we spoke of how they hated each other before.


We talked about how amazing it was that SEGA and Nintendo were in a constant battle during the 90’s (“The Console Wars”) but are now joined to make games for Mario’s commercial arch-nemesis , SONIC. During the Console Wars , SEGA had the 16-bit Genesis that immediately took over the 8-bit NES (and , thus , Genesis does what Nintendon’t). It’s higher definition graphics and hit game Sonic the Hedgehog rocketed the system into the record books , and right into Nintendo’s territory. Nintendo responded with the Super Nintendo , a 16-bit console equal to the Genesis. But , SEGA already secured their place. Nintendo eventually took over with the Nintendo 64 , with 64-bit graphics that overran the 32-bit Saturn , one year after the Saturn’s creation. Shortly after , SEGA’s Dreamcast over-took Nintendo , but it faced another enemy: Playstation 2. At the time it came out , SEGA stopped making systems completely , and now they just make games.

Now that Sega and Nintendo (unofficially Segtindo) have joined , maybe we can expect a new system! With two of the best video game console companies joined , there is no limit to the possibilities.

I would like to take a moment to say thank you to the viewers that flooded in when I posted about Segtindo . I was one of the first people to blog about it , and it gained me tons of viewers and comments. Thank you guys , please comment , GOD BLESS!