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How to Build a LEGO Miles “Tails” Prower

Today I will show you how to construct a LEGO Miles “Tails” Prower. I’ve included pictures of all the pieces you need for each section.

tails online

First , we will start with the head. Here are the pieces required:


First , take your yellow 2×2 and attach to two yellow slopes pieces:


Now get your 2×2 white plate and attach one 1×1 with clip to the plate like so:


Now take two 1×1 plates and attach a black stud to the bottom of each.


Now place them on top of the plates with the clips:


Now get the pieces pictures below:


Stack on top of the other with the 1×1 white plate on the bottom and place it  between the eyes like this:


Now turn it around and place a 1×1 Brick in the empty space. The result will look like this:


Now add the yellow Brick with ears you built earlier:


Now place a yellow stud on the bottom in the middle. This will allow the head to swivel :


Next comes the body. Here are the required pieces :


Now place a 1×2 yellow Brick under the 2×2 yellow plate:


Now put two Bricks with a stud on the side in the front so they face the left and right :


Now place a 1×3 piece on each stud like this pictured :


Now place a plate with knob on the end of  each arm :.


Next you will place a 1×2 plate with pole on the back of the body :


Next place a 1×2 yellow plate under the body like this :


Next are the tails. They are very simple. Place 2 plates with knobs on the plate with the pole. Place a 1×2 while plate on each knobbed plate , and place a tooth piece under each. I know it sounds terrifyingly hard , but here’s a pic of how simple it truly IS!:



Now place the head on the body. Place it so that the yellow stud under the head is in the middle of the 2×2 on the top of the body :


This last part is the easiest. Here are your pieces needed :


Do I even need to describe this step?


Put that together and attach it to the 1×2 with the clips like sooo:


Now place a yellow 1×2 plate on top of the plate with clips :


Now attach this to the front of the bottom of the body and your DONE!!! :


YOU DID IT! I soo proud of you! Anyway , thanks for reading , and I hope you get the best results. GOD BLESS!!

LEGO Community : We Need a T-AFOL Magazine!!

I received a LEGO Magazine yesterday , and I was somewhat disappointed when it only took me about 30 seconds to see all the TFOL worthy content. That got me thinking. We T-AFOL’s need our own LEGO Mag! I know it’s not LEGO’s main goal to please T-AFOL’s (we rarely see UCS Sets anymore) but someone (even if not licensed by LEGO) needs to make a T-AFOL Mag. Kinda like with those “Genesis Fan” and “Saturn Fan” Mags back in the 90’s. Think of that famous website , The Brick Blogger. The Admin there makes posts that could definitely make good Magazine material . People like her and me and other Fans could make a great magazine. Though we don’t have the money or power to do such things (maybe TBB does) there is still someone who can make a Magazine like that. What do you guys think? We need one! Please tell me your opinion , GOD BLESS!

New BrickFilm: The LEGO Soda Machine

After a whole 6 days without a post , I’m finally back , and with a worthy excuse: a new BrickFilm!


(Click the Picture to view the BrickFilm)

It took a long time to make , and I made a large time-consuming mistake. I spent I-don’t-know-how-long started recording all the Audio onto a video that would be added to the animation , but I wound up just trashing it and recording it all at once and adding other sounds to it later. I ended up with a great video that is probably the best one I’ve made. I hope you like it 🙂 ! I’m sorry I haven’t had many posts. It’s been that way because :

1. I have Family from California here in GA visiting.

2. I have been working on this BrickFilm.
3. I have been working on NXT Projects.

I plan on making better posts soon! Please comment , GOD BLESS!

NXTLog – LEGO’s NXT Community!

Have you wanted to post your creations on a website less diverse than MOCPages? Then check out NXTLog! NXTLog is a website where LEGO fans can post their NXT creations in a Mindstorms-exclusive community. You can post pictures , videos , and programs of your projects. I currently only have one creation there , but that’s because I’ve only built one project currently with my Mindstorms.


I also like the website because there are much more people around my age on there , since most kids can’t afford Mindstorms. My username there is JESUSFREAK1757 , so check me out! Please comment , GOD BLESS!

LEGO Mindstorms Found for $10

I was at my local Flea Market looking for Games and LEGO when I received a call from my mom. She said she had found a LEGO Mindstorms for $10. I was not sure if sure if she was correct or not about what it was but she bought it. After we were finished at the Flea Market , I got into the truck and saw it! LEGO Mindstorms almost complete for $10!


Awesome , right? The only part I could tell was missing was a green ball , but there are 2 other green balls in there so it’s fine with me! Here’s everything I got:


Lots of pieces , Manual , Test Pad , 3 Motors , 2 Touch Sensors , 1 Color Sensor , 1 Ultra-Sonic Sensor , the NXT , as well as connectors. The first day I got it I built a Coin Pusher by modifying the cabinet of my incomplete LEGO Claw Machine. I added the coin-pushing drawer as well as barriers for the coin-pushing area and some other stuff. Check out my pics!


Here is the whole model. When you start the program , it will say “Play” and the NXT will display “PRESS BUTTON”. Once you press the Touch Sensor , a Laser Blast sound will be heard and the drawer will start moving. At this time , the NXT will read “INSERT COINS”. After 60 seconds , the drawer will stop and the NXT will say “Game Over” and then “Play”. The NXT will once again display “PRESS BUTTON” and the process will continue until it is canceled.


Before the button is pushed , this is displayed. After it is pushed , this is displayed:


This will display for 60 seconds , and will go back to “PRESS BUTTON” after.

Here is the Coin Pusher with no coins inside:


Here is the Motor:


Here is the Coin Slot. Inside are a few studs that the coin will hit . When it hits one , it will go a different direction .


Nice , huh? Here is my video of it:

100_7522 - Copy

I am thankful to God that He blessed me with this. Please Comment , GOD BLESS!

World’s Largest LEGO Model – X-Wing!

Have you ever tried to make a LEGO model Super-Sized? Well , LEGO has started to make GIANT models made out of LEGO to LOOK like the actual LEGO model and not the real thing. Their latest installment has broken the record as the world’s LARGEST LEGO model – LEGO X-WING!

942143_10151463351238403_2131872968_n 968924_10151463141363403_560390788_n 984288_10151463101943403_402755530_n

WOW! Look at the detail on the studs!! I can’t believe how amazing this looks! It is made to resemble an actual LEGO set , which just adds to the awesome. It also looks like it WORKS like the real LEGO model!


It’s not over yet!  The cockpit is a photo booth!


Check out the small scale VS the full size!


Also the Not-So-Minifigs!


Breathtaking. If I were there , I would be vibrating with excitement . I later found out that they put the LEGO model in a hangar! Like for planes!!!

579307_10151522771178224_1284792390_n Picture by the Mythbusters!

Looks awesome , doesn’t it? Please comment , GOD BLESS!

MinifigMe -LEGO Figures with YOUR Face on It!

Have you ever struggled finding an official LEGO head that looks like yours? Well , then you should try MinifigMe!


MinifigMe is a LEGO website that creates Minifigures with your face on it! They let you choose a head color from a good selection , and then they put a picture of your face on it. The service costs $24 dollars , plus extra for different types of bodies. Each comes with a “City Folk” body , but extra for other themes. I’ve never done it before , but it looks cool! If it weren’t so pricey , I would.

Please comment , GOD BLESS!

LEGO Star Wars 2012 #9492 Tie Fighter Review

I received this and the Imperial V-wing Starfighter for my birthday in 2012 (Who says teens can’t have presents?). I was SOOO surprised at the amazingly huge size of the Tie Fighter. Now,  to get started , Let’s talk about the Minifigures!



Tie Pilot: He has new 2010 helmet design that first came in the Tie Defender but with the 2012 Trooper head design. Very nice!
R5-J2 : New Astromech head with the torso design of R2-Q5. Nice look , especially the head , and great coloring. Doesn’t have that large a role in the films , but still adds to the amazingness of this set.
Imperial Officer: The Imperial Officer is a very nice looking and hard-to-get Minifig and fits in perfectly with the other figures. He has a somewhat “rare” dark grey Kepi hat , an the same head that many Imperial/Rebel troops also have. Nice detail on the torso.
Death Star Trooper: This is a great design with a new helmet and head as well as great printing on the torso. One side of the head has a “mad” face ,  while the other (which is my personal favorite) has the same printing as the 2007 AT-ST Pilot. Also includes a blaster. He is one of my favorite Minifigures (Aside from my Chrome Gold C-3PO) and is the best one in this set.
Now to the Tie Fighter!
First off , let me tell you , this is about 10 times larger than it looks online. The wings are HUGE and very detailed . Finally we get a fighter without the annoying blue pieces taking away precious movie accuracy . The circular parts in the middle of the wings , the cockpit window , and the dome above the cockpit are all printed so no huge annoying stickers! We also finally get an actual bubble cockpit window instead of the bubble-inside-a-square window in the previous 2. It is 100% movie accurate besides the red laser tips on the end if the flick-fire missiles , but since those can easily be removed and are made to , that doesn’t take away accuracy. As an ONLINE viewer , I thought that $50 was a little expensive for the part count , but as a REAL-LIFE viewer , I see that there are lots of large plates making it HUGE and worth a lot more than it costs. Sets the size of the Tie Fighter WITHOUT the extra figs go for a lot more than the listed price. In the build , there are a few yellow and red parts , but they are covered with black and grey later on in the build. I don’t know if those colors are cheaper to make than grey or black but maybe that’s why they are there. Anyway , thank you so much for reading my review , please comment  , GOD BLESS!

101 Ways to Display and Store Your LEGO

As a LEGO collector , I have lots of LEGO , but not lots of space to display all of my collection. So I have to be smart when it comes to where and how I display everything.


That’s my LEGO desk. There’s more behind the LEGO box with the Walker in it.

You definitely NEED a desk if you want to display well. Also topping it with LEGO baseplates , though expensive , will keep everything organized.

You may not be able to tell at first glance , but there is a technique to how my sets are displayed. Besides the large box in the front , my technique is to put smaller / shorter sets in the front , and larger and more likely to fall sets in the back. This serves more than just one purpose.

1. Having the smaller in the front and the larger in the back allows all of the sets and figures to be seen.

2. The larger sets are more likely fall if closer to the edge ,  as they will be bumped and if they did fall , it would be a harder one than if they fell on the desk.

I also put sets next to ones that relate to them , such as having my Hoth battle pack (behind the box , sorry) next to the AT-AT , and having the Sonic MOC’s together (more behind that box!!!) .

You can also display Minifigures , but this is much easier. LEGO has an official Minifigure display case that costs around $16 , and holds 16 Minifigs:


I use this to display my favorite , older , and unique figures. The flash completely covers the ’06 Han in carbonite.  They also make half-size versions of these , though I don’t know their prices.

And last , but , likely least , is something none of us want to do : store our LEGO.

Storing Minifigures is not very satisfying , as it waists their potential . But , if , like me , you don’t have enough space , you can put them in small plastic baggies and store them in boxes , or , what I use , organizers. Organizers are really good for color-sorting Bricks , as there is no need to display them. You can also use them to date or theme-store your figures:


They are very good for LEGO or small-sized toys and such.

For sorting AND storing your LEGO , there is an appealing product that will satisfy both:


This is another one of my GoodWill finds. I got it for I think around $4. It puts large , medium , and small Bricks into separate layers. Pour in your Bricks and give it a shake! It actually does very well , though mine is missing the clips that attach the top of the head to the rest of it , so I can’t carry it as easily.

Also lots of tubs (like the blue one behind the head) padded with cloth can keep smaller sets safe.

Got any creative ways to display or sort? Tell us about ’em! Please comment , GOD BLESS!!!!!

How to Make LEGO Chocolate!

If you’re anything like me , you are addicted to making everything LEGO related , so why not chocolate!?!? Before I show you the delicious wonder you can make , I might as well show you how to make it! Here are the supplies needed:

1. LEGO Minifigure or Brick Ice Cube Tray

2. Scissors

3. Chocolate (& Peanut butter) Chips

4. Plastic Ziploc Bag

5.  A Microwave or other Melting Device

6. A Freezer

7. Cleaning Supplies


After you gather those up , follow these steps:

Take the plastic Ziploc bag and fill it about 1/3 full of chocolate chips or small chunks of chocolate then seal it. Next , put it in the microwave until the chocolate is good and runny.


Cut a small hole (about 1/3 the size of the one in the picture) into the bag and use it like a cake-froster to fill the minifigure molds one-by-one. If you have excess chocolate in the molds , use a butter knife to remove it and put it back into the bag.

HINT: Use peanut butter chips to get Reese Minifigs!

Last , but certainly not least , put it in the fridge of freezer for around a half hour (time varies depending on the fridge/freezer’s temperature ; also the freezer works best).Now you can enjoy your chocolate LEGO Minifigs!


These did great at a church party I took them too , but some were confused at the sight of them . They ones I kept for myself got a bit melted before I could take a good picture , so they are more like chocolate LEGO Zombies now! This is a very messy process and gooey process , so be ready to clean! They are worth whatever harm they cause to innocent napkins (or over-eaters!).

That’s todays delicious post! Please comment , GOD BLESS!