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Game Genie : Official Cheating!

Have you ever had a hard time beating a game or just wanted to add extras to your game? Well , then you need a Game Genie!

A Game Genie is a special Cartridge that allows you to input codes before you start your Game. When you’ve entered your codes , you press Start and the Game starts as usual , but , depending on the code(s) you input , you will have extra abilities! Abilities like unlimited life , Ring multiplier , unlimited oxygen , and cool things like Super Sonic not losing Rings every second! The Cartridge is similar to the Sonic & Knuckles Cartridge , as in it has a Cartridge port on top of it , though this Cartridge has no lid. You can input up to five codes at a time that let you modify the Gameplay. Originally the Cartridge came with a code booklet , but the codes can easily be found online if you don’t have one.

I traded some Games I don’t play for this , and the employee was going to give me less than its price in store credit , but I haggled him up to the right price 🙂 . Now I have some pictures to show you ! Behold , the Tower of Genesis!


Game Genie , Sonic & Knuckles , and Sonic the Hedgehog 3! The only thing that could make this taller would be a 32X , or more of the S&K and GG Cartridges.

The Cartridges go on top of the GG , and the bottom of the GG is like a normal Cartridge.

This is really cool and a nice accessory for the Genesis. Having these cool abilities are amazing , and I’ve only seen one ability in this that can be done without it (Level Select in Sonic 1). You can start with 5 Emeralds , get Emerald multipliers , get Extra Lives with fewer Rings , Mega-Jumps ,  and lots of other great exclusives. You can also turn on or off the GG’s function during the Game , so if you want to play the Game normally you can just flip the switch on the GG. The only note I have (not a complaint) is that when you use it there is a light buzzing sound but it can’t be heard unless there is not sound in the Game or the volume is too high. Not a problem at all! Hope you like this review ! Please comment , GOD BLESS!