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The Best of the Best Video Game Merchandise

Along with most successful Video Games comes merchandise such as Action Figures , Plushies , and LCD Mini-Games , though the latter fazed out a few years ago. Since I’m a big fan of Sonic and Pac-Man , I thought I should post about the best of the best merchandise. Let’s Start off with Pac-Man!

LCD Pac-Man Game


This is the cooler Lit one that is transparent. It’s got lots of extra functions like Pause , New Game , Two Player , Sound ON/OFF , and Player/Check. The Zones consist of multiple “Floors”  that make up the map.

Arcade Candy Tin


The Arcade Candy Tin is amazing. It has lots of details and is low-priced. Look at the Game Screen!

Light-Up Sound-Making Ornaments


Though these are rather expensive , they are totally worth it. Press a Button and the Screen and Banner light up while sounds from the Game play. They retailed around $30 each when they came out , but the price is bound to have changed by now.

Ms./Pac-Man and Ghost Wind-Up


This is my NM Ms. Pac-Man 1982 Wind-Up. The fact that Ms. Pac-Man has pretty much been left out from all the modern Pac-Man Games makes it even more cool , as there isn’t anymore merchandise like this.


Pac-Man and Ghost (Blinky) Wind-Ups

These look great! You wind them up and they race around in circles. Plus the box can be closed back , unlike the Carded Ms. Pac-Man Wind-Up.

Pac-Man Bandages


Very unique and only a Dollar! Nice and Nerdy!

That’s all for Pac-Man . Now time for Sonic!

Dr. Eggman (Robotnik) Plushie


Though Sonic X was terrible , there was still some good merchandise that relates to the Games. This Robotnik Plushie is a great figure that is one of the stars of my collection.

Sonic Spinball Machine

online 4

This is a fun machine with artwork from Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball (Game Gear/Master System). It’s got fun Sound Effects and a flashing light. It also has an LCD Display that will display a Score up to 99,999 Points.

Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Comics


Though the Archie Comics are a little too expansive compared to how the Games are (which are also too expansive themselves!) it’s still good to have something similar to the TV Shows , since the only good one was SatAM and that and the others are all gone.

Nooowwww…… for the best merchandise that BOTH Pac-Man AND Sonic have in common…..


TV GAMES!!! It is the cheapest way to get Arcade Perfect ports of Classic Games , since the Games on Virtual Console and Live Arcade are Emulations , not Ports. TV Games Still remain today , though Pac-Man TV Games are pretty much gone.

That’s today’s late post. I hope you like it! Please Comment , GOD BLESS!

Sonic Super Digest #3

Today a new Sonic comic (and the last in my subscription ; need to get that fixed!) came to my house , so , of course , it is today’s post.


(Awesome toy not included , that’s mine!)

This quarter’s comic is about the Chaos Emeralds! In one Comic , Robotnik sends Coconuts to retrieve a Chaos Emerald from an anonymous thief. Also , the Classic Sonic Comic “Fortified” is included , in which Sonic and co. are exploring a mountain as Robotnik is following them in his BotBus filled with SwatBots. Bunnie tries to move a tree out-of-the-way and discovers that it is a hidden base. Antoine discovers a canon that is useless , and Rotor finds Blacksmith supplies that he uses to make Bunnie a suit of armor , which she uses it to destroy SwatBots and lure the BotBus into a wall.

Also there is a series of Classic Comics “To ‘Bot , or Not to ‘Bot” Part one through three , where Uncle Chuck and Muttski  , who are Roboticized , help Sonic infiltrate Robotnik’s lair . Here , the Doctor has a hoard of new Badniks : Combots!


Robotnik , clad in military uniform , tries to re-align Muttski and Uncle Chuck’s minds , turning them back into his Badniks. Muttski and Uncle Chuck play along as if they were turned , but they truly are not. Rotor’s same technology that he tried to use on Mecha Sally ( Sonic Super Digest #1 ) proves successful on the two as they foil Robotnik’s plan. Uncle Chuck loosens the shackles that attached Sonic to Robotnik’s Roboticizing tank , reprograms the Combots , and sends them marching into the river. Muttski “foils” Sonic’s attempt to Roboticize Robotnik while Uncle Chuck “flies the villian to safety” . Uncle Chuck , Muttski and Sonic part company while the former two return to Robotnik’s lair to continue his destruction.

There is also a Comic for Bunnie and Antoine’s marriage , Hope Kintobor and Snively Robotnik/Kintobor , the destruction of E-102 Gamma and the resurrection of E-123 Omega , as well as other interesting little bits.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I definitely recommend you get this Comic! Please comment , GOD BLESS!

May the 4th Be with You / Free Comic Book Day

Today , May the fourth , 2013 ,  is Official Star Wars Day!! On top of that , it’s Free Comic Book Day , and you can get select comics for the low price of oxygen participating Comic Book stores. I went to my local one and picked up three (the limit) of these:


I got one for me , one for my best friend , and one for my brother. The comic is rather short , but it’s free , so I’m not complaining.

Now I have the rest of the post to talk about May the Fourth (Force) Be with You! Stores are putting merchandise on sale , Nerds are rejoicing , and stuff is on sale! Enjoy your retro films , video games , and , mostly , LEGOs!!!! You can get a free Hoth Han Solo fig with any purchase of $75  (on or more on today and tomorrow. Did I mention that tomorrow is Revenge of the Fifth?? I wonder who came up with these? Einstein?  A genius had to have done it!

Last but not least , today I added a new member to the Classics Rising family : a SEGA Saturn!


I picked up this wonderful machine at my local flee market for $25! I have no games , but I put in a music CD to test it (the seller said it worked , but I wanted a confirmation). The guy I bought it from was selling a PSP , GBA SP , WII , Atari 2600 ,  XBox , SNES , Genesis ,Saturn , Dreamcast ,  and a souped NES that the guy fixed to work with EUR cartridges and he added an extra controller port as well as other amazing changes. He had low prices on the systems , but he over-charged for games , which is why I didn’t buy any.

This beautiful contraption sits right next to its technological “little brother” , the Genesis!


Here is the amazingly comfortable controller:


That’s this wonderful day’s post! Please comment , GOD BLESS!

Sonic Super Digest #2

100_5642 I am very glad to announce that Sonic Super Digest #2 is now released!!! It features classic Sonic comics , as well as some new material . Since the first SSD post was an informatory post , this will be more of a review. It has some great comics from the classic Knuckles saga , as well as some classic Chaotix stuff. I will say that I honestly HATE one of the comics in it. It’s a new one featuring that stupid “magical elephant” . I despise the character , and the comic was boring and monotonous  . All the stupid magic and crap like that strays too far from what Sonic comics are about : Sonic VS Robotnik! Which brings us to our next point : Dr. Robotnik is in almost every comic! He is once referred to as “The lord of Lard” which is hilarious !! We take a look at Endless Arcade’s new adaption on Sonic the Hedgehog 4 :Episode 2 . It explains the meaning of a “Load Bearing Boss” (A boss that causes the whole area to self-destruct once it is defeated) as well as giving some cool info! Such as : The 1st stage boss music for Sonic the Hedgehog 4 : Episode 1 came from some prototype “parade” music from Sonic 3D Blast , and STH4E2’s boss music is based on the second stage boss music! We also get a nice comic about STH4E2 (BTW , still laughing about the “Lord of Lard”!!!). Also , we get to see the adventures of Sonic’s fellow Freedom Fighter , Atoine , who is on a quest to find the other half of his father’s map. He is lead to Robotnik’s nephew , Snively , who has the other half , but uses a computer to find out what the “Budding Circle” mentioned on map is. He takes hordes of EggRobos (which are revealed to be created by him to aid in the defeat of his uncle , Ivo Robotnik) and is trying to find the Krudzu to , once again , aid in the defeat of his uncle , Robotnik (Let it be stated now that Snively is Robotnik’s assistant , but secretly wants to overtake him). Antoine is discovered and is chased and shot at by the fleet of EggRobos , and runs to Uncle Chuck’s home. He returns to battle , and finds Sonic & co. defeating the EggRobos. Robotnik takes Snively and questions his knowledge of more powerful Badnik’s , but Snively is never discovered to be against the Doctor in this comic. I’m not gunna tell you any more , so go buy it yourself! Please comment , GOD BLESS!!!

Sonic Super Digest : The Ultimate Collector’s Magazine!

Have you ever read Sonic comics? When I was 8 I would buy “Sonic X” comics (that was back when Sonic X was very popular) and other Sonic comics. But earlier this year I got back into Sonic comics and wanted to buy the classic 90’s ones. But , the prices kept me from that. But while with my cousin , I found “Sonic Super Digest” at a grocery store. Just the classic Robotnik on the cover convinced me to buy it! As I read on , I found out that they have (and this will have Sonic collectors keeping them off the shelves!) lots of the CLASSIC 90’S SONIC COMICS IN THEM! They also have “Endless Arcade” : an article about the classic Genesis games!!!! They have fun facts about the games as well as pictures of the box art and other things. The mag also has lots of articles about Sonic characters , places , and everything else! At the end , they have “Fan Funnies” where fans put there own picture-by-picture funny animations. Also they have fan art and letters that fans send in to the magazine. At only $3.99 per copy , it’s a definite get! Thanks for reading , please comment , GOD BLESS!

Dr. Robotnik VS Dr. Eggman

  Dr. Eggman (on the left) and Dr. Robotnik (on the right)

Dr. Eggman VS Dr. Robotnik is probably one of the most popular Sonic arguements on the internet. It is not a battle between supervillians , but more of a who’s-who arguement. Let’s start out with Dr. Robotnik.

Dr. Ivo Robotnik was created for the 1991 video game  “Sonic the Hedgehog” in which he was the enemy of Sonic. The manual of some games call him “Dr. Ivo Robotnik (AKA Dr. Eggman)” . He is more commonly referred to as “Dr. Robotnik” in the other Sonic titles.

In 1998 , Sonic Adventure was released , with the new design now mostly referred to as “Dr. Eggman” .  Since then , all new Sonic games had this variant. It has made websites around the world ask the question “Is Dr. Eggman Dr. Robotnik?” with no official answer……. UNTIL NOW! I went to SEGA and asked , and they said “Dr. Eggman is an alias!” . I googled that and it basically is a nick-name by which a person is more known than there real name. So Dr. Eggman is just a redesigned Dr. Robotnik , going by his alias. It seems simple now but for some people it may be hard to swallow . But think about this , in 1998 they redesigned Sonic and all the other characters , including Robotnik! Get it? There is the answer to all Robotnik VS Eggman arguements! GOD BLESS!