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Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis (GBA) Review

Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis was released in 2006 for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance System. The Game is a port of the hit 1991 Video Game for the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis and also has an “Anniversary Mode” where Sonic can Spin-Dash , an ability originally not seen until Sonic the Hedgehog 2. The Game has been reviewed as a terrible port of the original by others , and today I will review the Game myself.


I got my copy on eBay (won an Auction) for $8.18 . From the reviews I read , I expected it to be a Glitchy mess , something I might not have been able to beat. When I got it , I found that all the Reviews had one thing in common : they were all WRONG.


(Sorry , my Camera doesn’t do well with screens)

When you first start the Game you get “Licensed by Nintendo” followed by the Classic “Say Guh!” that we all know ; something that you would never hear back in the 90’s. The user is then greeted with the above. Just like the original version , the Game goes into Demo if the Start Button isn’t pressed within a certain amount of time. Once Start is pressed , a Menu opens up allowing the player to choose Original Mode , where the original Classic is played , Anniversary Mode , where Sonic can Spin-Dash , and Options where the player can turn either the Sound Effects or BGM or both on or off . The Juke Box option is unlocked if the Game is beaten. Beating the Final Boss in Original Mode unlocks all the Sound Effects. Beating it in Anniversary Mode unlocks all the BGM (Back Ground Music).



If a Zone is beaten in one Mode , it is unlocked saved in its own data , and unlocked and saved on the other , so you don’t have to beat the Game twice.


The Game saves your progress automatically , but if you want to delete it , hold the Left and Right Trigger and press Start while on the Title screen and you will be given the option to delete it or not.

This Game was criticized for its jerky and sometime slowed down Gameplay , bad Music , the fact that the Game was zoomed in a little to accommodate the GBA , the idea that the Game can’t keep up with Sonic , making him unable to be seen , in which case he could get attacked by an unexpected enemy , and Glitches. All of these are untrue , except the slowdown and a few Glitches. Also the second (Music) is subjective so that doesn’t really count , and the third (Zoom-In) is not a problem. Here is my Review of those:

Jerky Gameplay:

It is claimed that this Game has jerky Gameplay. This is not true. There is a little bit of “bouncing” when going up a slope , but that is not jerky.

Slowed Down Gameplay:

There are slowdowns if too many things are happening at once. This also happened with the original Genesis version , but not as easily as with this. To make it just as good as the original , go to “Options” and turn off the BGM and SFX.

Bad Music:

This Game’s Music is a GBA remix of the SEGA Genesis original. The Music is very “GBA-y” and emulates the original Music. I could see how this would upset someone , but the Music is not bad at all.

Zoom In:

There is a bit of a Zoom-In to make up for the difference between a regular TV and the GBA’s screen. This makes a little bit of the top and a little bit of the bottom of the Game appear to be cut-off , but it’s only noticeable a few times throughout the Game . No problem at all.

Sonic speeding ahead of the screen? Not a chance , ever. I played the whole Game , Spin-Dashed , and matched (and sometimes even beat) my time records that I had on the original version with no screen being left behind.


In the Game there are very few “added” or “new” Glitches. The only real Glitch that I have found is that if you stand in between the Crusher and the floor in the Final Boss and the Crusher lifts , it will count as a crush and Sonic will lose a life. I’ve heard of other Glitches involving moving objects that can crush , but this is the only one I’ve encountered.

There are differences between this version and the original , like the Music , some of the Sounds and the Spin-Dash , but that’s part of the fun of it! There are very little “physical” changes made to the Game , and the Graphics are perfectly intact .

Honestly , this Game is a good port of the original ; though it’s not Arcade Perfect , it’s a lot like the original while being a fun remix. In my opinion , this Game is VERY underrated , and I gave it the Review it deserves. Thank you for reading , GOD BLESS!

Sonic 3D Blast : Genesis VS Saturn

Sonic 3D Blast was released in 1996 by SEGA and developed by Traveler’s Tales. The game was the first 3D Sonic the Hedgehog Game , featuring fully rendered graphics and isometric view.

The goal of this game is different than the other games. Robotnik has discovered the power of the Flickies , and turns them into Badniks in yet another attempt to capture the Chaos Emeralds. Sonic must destroy these Badniks and free the Flickies inside . He then must send them back to there home using Giant Rings.When Sonic frees a Flickie , it will follow him wherever he goes. If a Flickie is attacked , it will stray away and Sonic will have to get it’s attention again so it will follow him. If Sonic is hit , all of the Flickies scatter , and Sonic must re-collect them. Sonic must free 5 Flickies and send them back home to clear the Giant Ring , around which is blocked access to the next area of the Act.  Once the Ring is cleared , the access is unblocked and Sonic can proceed. Each Zone consists of 3 Zones , 2 of which are regular levels where Sonic frees Flickies , and the third of which is a Boss battle , in which there are no Flickies. In the first Act of the Final Zone (Panic Puppet) , Flickies are trapped inside of containers , as Robotnik didn’t have enough time to Roboticize the them . There are still Badniks , but there are no Flickies inside. In the second Act of Panic Puppet , there are no Flickies at all , but there are still Badniks. The goal of that Act is to make your way to a giant statue of Dr. Robotnik and get inside of it , where the potential Final Boss is located. Along with the regular Shields (Blue that protects from Electricity , Red that protects from Fire/Lava) this game includes a Golden “Blast Shield” Which Sonic can use to perform Homing Attacks on enemies (or any dangerous Balloons). Of course Chaos Emeralds play a large role in the Game : if the player collects all seven Chaos Emeralds , they will gain access to the real Final Boss and a Good Ending. If the player does not collect all seven , Robotnik is seen with them in the Bad Ending.


The Game was originally released for the Genesis , but was later ported to Saturn to make up for the canceled “Sonic X-Treme” . During seven weeks of porting , the Game’s music , graphics , Special Stages , Zone appearance , speed , difficulty , and Map were completely re-designed ; the latter two of which were only altered slightly. The Saturn boasted better graphics , better music , better sound effects , extra details in the Levels , a map of all the Zones , a map of the Act on the Pause Screen , high-definition cutscenes , better special stages , higher speed , and a higher difficulty than the Genesis version , but had long Load Screens , as it was on a disc compared to a Cartridge , in which there are no Load Screens. Also , in the Saturn version , Sonic is flown to the Special Stage by whichever Character he gave the 50+ Rings to , as oppose to the Genesis version , where Sonic just appears there.


The Special Stages in the Saturn version are know for being some of the best in the Sonic series:


Here is an example of the difference between the Genesis and the Saturn version of the Zones (Sorry about how bright the pictures are) :

100_8404 100_8412

Here is a comparison of the two Special Stages:


The Zone with the most difference (and the best Boss in my opinion) is the Final Boss. The music in the Genesis version (1st) is a techno beat that doesn’t really fit a Final Boss. The Saturn version has a “super-Evily death Robotnik” vamped-up version of the regular Boss theme.

100_8405 100_8417

Which port do you prefer? I prefer the Saturn! Please comment , GOD BLESS!

Sky High Zone Boss


Game: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (GG)

Year : 1992

Boss Location: Sky High Zone

Enemy: Badniks

Health: First Stage : 8 Hits

Second Stage : Minimum of 4 hits but varies depending on how long it takes the player to destroy them (the things that need to be destroyed shoot out Badniks if the player doesn’t destroy them within a few seconds , making more hits necessary to get to the next stage)

Third Stage (Main Boss) : 6 Hits

Total Health: Minimum of 18 Hits

Playable Characters: Sonic the Hedgehog


The Sky High Zone Boss is the second one in the Game Gear version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. It consists of 3 stages , the third of which is the main boss. In the first stage , Sonic stands on a cloud while 4 Badnik birds shoot through the clouds and come down to attack Sonic. If he touches one while unprotected , he will die. After he destroys these 4 , 4 more shoot through the clouds. After Sonic destroys those , he falls through the clouds and into the second stage. In this stage , 4 Badnik launchers shoot more birds at Sonic. After the 4 launchers are destroyed , the main Boss comes out. The main Boss (pictures above) is a giant bird that moves back and forth while shooting slow-moving homing lasers at Sonic. After 6 hits , the boss is defeated.



When the first stage of birds comes out , run to get some momentum and then roll into all of the Badniks. Also you can hit the birds while they are coming down to destroy them.


Run to get some momentum and them roll through all of the bird launchers. Since they don’t move like the birds , you can easily roll through all of them and destroy them. But be careful ; as soon as the 4 launchers are destroyed , the main Boss will come out , even if bird Badniks are still there.


When the bird comes out , it will shoot out a slow-moving homing laser at Sonic. The difficult part isn’t avoiding that , but avoiding being launched into it. How you ask? When you jump on the bird’s head , you will bounce back , just like with all the other bosses. If you don’t use this to get away from the bird , it will use it’s beak as a ramp and use the bounce-back to throw you right into the laser! If you roll into the bird’s neck , it will also throw you right into the laser.


Underground Zone Boss

Online File

Game: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (GG)

Year : 1992

Boss Location: Underground Zone

Enemy: Dr. Robotnik and a Badnik

Health: Six bombs will cause this Boss to explode (it isn’t destroyed until the EggMobile crushes it though)

Playable characters: Sonic the Hedgehog


The Underground Zone Boss is the first of the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 game for SEGA Game Gear. The boss starts as Sonic runs off a ramp and almost hits the lava but Dr. Robotnik catches him in his EggMobile just before he does (which would result in the loss of a life since there are no Rings available in this Act). Robotnik takes him over to a slope and drops him there. At the end of the slope is a giant robotic ant constantly biting , waiting for Sonic to fall in his jaws. Dr. Robotnik (though it is never shown to be him) drops bouncing bombs down the slope that Sonic must avoid. If Sonic can avoid the bomb , it will hit the ant mech and explode on it. Each time the ant is hit it bites faster (but it doesn’t effect Sonic since he can only be hurt by it if he runs into it). After 6 bombs , the mech will explode and Dr. Robotnik will jet the EggMobile down the slope at Sonic. If Sonic avoids the EggMobile  , it will squash the mech and they will both explode. The hard part about this is he fact that the bombs bounce at different heights , some more difficult to avoid that others. The bouncing sound they make can help you identify whether they are going to bounce low , medium  , or high. Low Sonic can jump over ; high he can run under ; but the medium ones he can’t easily jump over and they bounce very fast and thus are hard to run under. The lack of Rings in this level make it even more hard ; Sonic will lose a life if he touches the EggMobile , the bombs , or the ant. After it is defeated , Sonic will run to the floating Egg Prison and hit it , freeing the animals inside while it explodes.


Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Game Gear)

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for Game Gear was released in 1992 by SEGA. This game was the first to feature Sonic’s sidekick Miles “Tails” Prower . The character is not playable though , he is featured as more of a “prize” for beating the game with all the Chaos Emeralds. It is one of few games for Game Gear that offers extra stages if the player collects all the Chaos Emeralds as appose to just giving the game a better ending.

The game starts out showing Tails running from Dr. Robotnik in his Eggmobile while Sonic tries to catch up and rescue his friend. Robotnik grabs Tails with a claw fitted to his Eggmobile and takes him away. Tails can only be saved if the player has all the Chaos Emeralds or uses a cheat code to access the Crystal Egg Zone and defeat Robotnik.


As appose to the usual ease of the regular Game Gear games , this game is very difficult , more than most Genesis/Mega Drive games as well. This game is also one of the very few classic Sonic games that doesn’t begin with a nature/forest themed first level . This game has 7 Zones , the last of which can only be played through level select or having all the Chaos Emeralds. All the Zones are the standard platform game for the time , but most have extra abilities not seen in other games. The Zones in this game include:

Underground Zone:

A underground mine where Sonic must avoid lava and can ride mine carts to avoid spikes and break through them.

Sky High Zone :

A level similar to Sonic and Knuckles’ “Sky Sanctuary” where Sonic can us hang gliders to fly through the level and avoid hazards. The hang glider is very difficult to fly at first , but it can be flown with ease and must be used to complete the first act.

Aqua Lake Zone:

A level similar to the “Labyrinth Zone” . Lots of fountains populate the area along with underwater Badniks and traps. Sonic can float in a bubble if he jumps into it. He can control it to some extent , but it goes upward the entire time. Sonic getting inside the bubble also replenishes his oxygen supply but the bubble will pop if it touches anything besides rings.

Green Hills Zone:

A spike and springboard filled zone similar to the original Green Hill Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog.

Gimmick Mt. Zone :

A robotic mountain filled with spinning wheels and traps all around.

Scrambled Egg Zone:

A dark , mountainous Zone similar to the Underground Zone. It is the hardest of all levels due to the many tubes that Sonic must go through to complete the level. There are multiple paths for some of the tubes and split-second changes in direction must be made to get through a different tube and to the goal.

Crystal Egg Zone:

A Zone consisting of crystals with Robotnik’s face all over them as tiles for walls and floors. The similarity in the look of the tiles makes it hard to discriminate between breakable and non-breakable walls. This Zone can only be accessed by collecting all of the Chaos Emeralds or using the level select cheat.

The end of the game shows Sonic running through the Green Hills Zone as night time gets closer and closer , making the Zone darker. After the Zone gets dark enough , Sonic stops running , looks to the sky and sees Tails formed out of stars while a “happy” sound effect is played , possibly hinting that Tails died onboard the Crystal Egg or that he escaped. The happy ending shows Sonic and Tails running together and they are both formed out of stars in the end. Credits role in a small window below Sonic. The “Bad Ending” plays even if you beat the Crystal Egg Zone ; the “Good Ending” can only be accessed by getting all of the Chaos Emeralds.



When you turn on the Game Gear , hold in DOWN and LEFT at the same time while holding in START , 1 , and 2 . You can skip the video , but make sure you are only releasing the START button , and keep it held down after you press it again. When the “Press Start” menu shows , wait a few seconds until you here the Ring sound play two times , then release and press START again. When at the level select menu , press 2 to select.


In the first Act of the first Zone , there is a springboard that sends Sonic up a shaft. When you get into the shaft , hold in LEFT and you will go through a tunnel and you will find an open area with an Extra Life guarded by a Badnik. In the second zone , there will be a square brick with a springboard on the top and the right. Run into the one of the right and roll into the wall. You will break through it and make your way into 2 caves. Break through the wall and through the wall in the cave. There will be a small opening in which a extra life will be. But be careful ; if you are rolling the floor will break under you , so walk up close to the extra life and then roll into it .


Make sure you have lots of speed before you grab on , hold UP to maintain a good glide. Press LEFT to lift yourself a bit ; hold it for longer to lower . Switch between UP and LEFT to adjust your flight. This comes in handy in the second Act.


Underground Zone Boss

Sky High Zone Boss

There’s the info , GOD BLESS!

Sonic Generatons Review


Today is the first day of 2013 , and as our first review of the year , I would like to post about a video game I got for CHRISTmas , Sonic Generations .

Sonic Generations is a video game made by SEGA for the 20th anniversary of the original 1991 video game , Sonic the Hedgehog. The story shows Classic Sonic running through the Green Hill Zone , when the TIME EATER appears and takes him away.  Meanwhile , Modern Sonic is being surprised for his birthday by all the characters from the latest Sonic the Hedgehog video games. As he is celebrating (and eating his birthday chili-dog!) the TIME EATER comes to take him and all of his friends as well! They are all taken to a place where lots of familiar Zones are covered in white ; frozen in time.


Each Zone must be completed by Modern and Classic Sonic before they are unfrozen. Once they are unfrozen , a character is as well ( but the character can not be used in the game). Above the Zones are extra challenges that can be completed for extra points , which can be used to buy items in the store. 3 challenges must be beaten to get 3 keys and unlock the Boss room. Extra characters are in the area and must be fought to collect some Chaos Emeralds ; the rest are given through boss , and one is just given in a cutscene.



This game is the first in a while to have Classic Sonic running through platforms , the way it was originally. Sonic can do the classic Spindash attack , as well as the Spin Attack he does when he jumps. He fights 2 of the 4 bosses in the game , the last of which is also fought with Modern Sonic. He fights 1 of the 3 Chaos Emerald challenges.  Now Sonic is in 3D but it is still the classic platform game. The gameplay reminds me of the countless hours I spent as a child and the countless hours I spend today playing the original Sonic games. It reminds me a lot of footage I’ve seen of Sonic CD combined with footage I’ve seen of Sonic the Hedgehog 4. It does seem to be missing many elements of the classic games though. On the flip side , there are many elements that weren’t in the original games. These are the most fun out of the 2 Acts in every Zone. The first three Zones (Green Hill , Chemical Plant , Sky Sanctuary) are the most fun , mainly since they are from the original games and have all the elements we remember , but in 3D form! It is really nice to have new content in the style of the classic games I love. Now let’s get to the first boss of the game , and it’s in classic form!


This Boss is a re-designed  version of the Death EGG Mecha from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. It’s first attack is similar to the originals ; it will aim then shoot one of his arms at you , then leap into the air. Once he does this , Sonic must run under the Mech and , after it lands , hit the back of the robot , knocking him down. After this is done a few times , the platform Sonic and the Death EGG Robot are on comes up to a new area , where sonic is thrown onto more platforms after the robot jumps up.


In this part , the mech aims its spiked arm at Sonic , and launches it at him , destroying platforms around the area. Sonic can jump on a button that will activate a bomb on a platform near-by. Sonic can trick Eggman into aiming the robots arm at this area , causing the bomb to explode on the arm , freezing the mech. Sonic then has a short amount of time to jump on the arm , spindash to the head , and jump on it. This only has to be done twice to defeat Dr. Eggman . This boss is like classic in the sense that it looks like classic Robotnik , it is fought platform style , and it uses classic Robotnik tactics.  Sonic only has to jump on it to damage it , just like the originals. Though , it doesn’t  flash white when it’s hit , and it is knocked over when it is hit , unlike the original. None of this effects the fun and classicness  of this boss.


The modern gameplay is just like that of the recent Sonic games. It is fun to play as Modern Sonic in Classic Sonic Zones. I would have to say about 20% of Modern Sonic gameplay is in platform form , making something very fun even more fun. Modern Sonic has the ability to dash , jump then dash , and perform a homing attack. He plays in many levels from the newer Sonic games as well as the 3 classic Zones. He fights 3 of the four bosses , the last of which is fought by him and Classic Sonic. He also fights 2 of the 3 Chaos Emerald challenges.


The final boss is the enemy behind it all , the Time Eater! But guess what? He is controlled by Dr. Eggman! Want more? He used the Time Eater to go back in time to reverse his past failures , and brings back , you guessed it , Dr. Ivo Robotnik! Also known as Dr. Eggman. The two round villains discuss how Robotnik got here (who is actually referred to as “Dr. Robotnik” by Classic Tails).Then the battle ensues , in which the Time Eater flies backwards while being chased by Super Classic and Modern Sonic. The Time Eater attacks by launching homing rockets and using his “Warping-Arm Attack” in which he warps one or more of his arms right in front of Sonic , and smacking him down. You attack by dashing until you can get to its core. A good technique for getting to the core is by dashing and using the entire dash and not going dash-dash-dash-dash-dash-dash but more like dash———-dash———dash. Once you can make your way to its core , it will try to smash you. Avoid that then you can send Modern Sonic into the core , damaging the Time Eater. Then Rings will burst forth from the machine , and he will fly back. After this he will start slowing down time in short bursts , and will double his warping-arm attack. After the 3rd hit , he will make a giant fire-ball and hold it in front of him to defend himself . Both Sonics can grab onto eachother and combine their power , then they will launch themselves through the fireball and into the core , destroying the Time Eater. After that , Sonic and co. are sent back to where his party was , and later Classic Sonic and Tails go back to there time. Dr. Robotnik of the past and the future are sent into a white , blank void. A hilarious argument ensues about the recent failure and future failures. And the game ends.


This is the best of all the modern Sonic games , winning my vote of the best game of 2011. It combines the best of both worlds ! I love the story and idea. That’s my review. Please comment , GOD BLESS!

Sonic & Knuckles (SEGA Genesis)

Sonic & Knuckles is a SEGA Genesis game made in 1994 by SEGA. It was a very advanced game compared to Sonic the Hedgehog 1. It took the Sonic story and added every detail and awesome element possible. They even made the cartridge more advanced than the others.

 We now get the first chance on the Genesis to play as Knuckles and Sonic. The story varies slightly for both characters , but it stays about 60% the same. With Sonic , we get Dr. Ivo Robotnik as our bad guy again , but with new and harder bosses. We now have the addition of a “Sub-Boss” : a non-Robotnik boss at the end of the first act of each zone. These are usually pretty easy and instead of taking 8 hits to destroy like Robotnik does , they only take 6.

 Here is the first sub-boss , a robot that uses an axe to cut down parts of a tree that are thrown by the force of the swinging axe.

The bosses are much more difficult than the bosses in past games. Some are really hard to beat without losing rings.

We also see a lot more of Dr. Robotnik . Instead of him just appearing in his ship to attack Sonic , we see a lot of him out of his ship , and a ton more character interaction between Sonic and Robotnik.

When playing as Knuckles ,  Robotnik’s new creation , “EggRobo” , takes his place as the main enemy. The only time Robotnik seen (while playing as Knuckles) is in the “Flying Battery”  zone boss , even though the EggRobo is controlling the laser in the machine above that destroys itself and leads to the boss in that stage. Likely because that boss faces straight , rather than the left or right that most other bosses are , and a new sprite would have to be created for the EggRobo , and one was already made for Robotnik , so they just used it. The difficulty is also much higher with Knuckles.

The Sonic & Knuckles cartridge has a port on top so you can put Sonic the Hedgehog 1,  2 , or 3 on top of it and , if you use Sonic 2 , you can play as Knuckles in Sonic 2 , but if you use Sonic 3 you can play through that game and continue on into this one (Sonic & Knuckles is basically a continuation in the game of Sonic the Hedgehog 3). Using Sonic 1 lets you play the Blue Sphere Levels , while any other cartridge lets you access the same Levels but with darker shaded characters on the Start Menu.

The port on top of the cartridge.



The first boss is hidden under the satellite dish  , and when you destroy it you can stay over Robotnik and continue hitting him for a while , shortening the battle and sending you to the next level faster. After you get past the satellite dish , just chase Robotnik , avoid the spike balls , and hit him when you get close enough.


On the Sandopolis Zone  , the boss has a shield that must be hit to make Robotnik vulnerable . Jump on the hand and when it draws closer to the boss , hit the shield and you can be under Robotnik and hit him more times than if you had to jump on top of him.


The Lava Reef boss is really hard because of the lava and the “rhythm” of the floating platforms. Also the spiked bombs add difficulty. The boss can only be harmed by the spiked bombs ; Sonic can not hurt him , even in Super or Hyper form. There is a Fire Shield somewhere in-between the last rock platform and the one before it. Though you won’t be invincible  , you will be safe from the lava.


In the Sky Sanctuary boss (the one where Mecha Sonic is using the spinning orb boss from Sonic the Hedgehog 2) he actually stays down low enough for you to hit him after he sends the EggMobile balloon after you. You can also use the “Insta-Shield” attack to hit Mecha Sonic without hitting the spinning orbs.


The Death EGG sub-boss uses the same spinning orb type attack as the Metropolis Zone boss , Ice Cap Zone boss, and the Sky Sanctuary boss , but this boss spins the orbs only horizontally , and they explode and send spikes everywhere when you hit the boss. They also go to the ground and expand the circumference of the spinning orbs. Use the “Insta-Shield” attack to hit it without hitting the orbs. After you beat the first stage of it , the spiked platforms can be easily avoided until you hit the boss ; when you hit it , it will spin all the way around the mech , and at high speeds. He will also send a large laser down. Avoid that by running to the end of the screen and crouching down to avoid the spiked platforms also. Hit the boss after he stops attacking.


This boss is another that can’t be destroyed by Sonic , but by the spiked things he throws at the hedgehog. Get into the gravity teleporter when the spiked turtle-looking things are almost directly under it. If they miss , you can SpinDash onto the upside-down spiked things to send them flying , hopefully into the boss.


The bosses fingers can be destroyed by SpinDashing in place and letting the fingers slam on top of you. You can also stand in-between the two hands and SpinDash into either one when it slams down and you will bounce back and forth between the fingers , destroying them. On the second stage , hit the Master Emerald laser 3 times before it fires , and once while it is firing to avoid the giant laser. Continue to do this until the Kyodai Eggman Robo is destroyed. Be careful not to fall out of the boss once it is destroyed. Then Robotnik will try to escape with the Master Emerald. Hit him by Spin Attacking him. But beware the tremendous bounce-back that could send you off of the falling platform , causing you to lose a life and have to restart the boss.


Before you get to the boss , collect as many rings as possible. When you get to the get-away ship , pretty much just fly around in a circle , avoiding the fire-balls and , when you get to the head , leading the missiles into it. Once you get to the second stage , just dash until you get to the Mecha , and dash into it. Also avoid the bombs he launches at you. Once you hit him , he will fly away. Dash more to get to him again. Continue doing this until you defeat the boss.


You can turn into Super Sonic if you have all the Chaos Emeralds. You can turn into Hyper Sonic if you have all the Chaos Emeralds and Super Emeralds. The Super Emeralds can be collected by Special Stages , just like the Chaos Emeralds


If you are playing as Sonic 3 & Knuckles and you have all the Chaos and Super Emeralds , all the Ring Teleporters will not take you to a Special Stage. Instead , they will give you 50 rings , enabling the player to turn into their Hyper form. If you are playing as Sonic the Hedgehog 3 , you can use them to turn into Super Sonic.

That’s the info on the game , GOD BLESS!

Dr. Robotnik VS Dr. Eggman

  Dr. Eggman (on the left) and Dr. Robotnik (on the right)

Dr. Eggman VS Dr. Robotnik is probably one of the most popular Sonic arguements on the internet. It is not a battle between supervillians , but more of a who’s-who arguement. Let’s start out with Dr. Robotnik.

Dr. Ivo Robotnik was created for the 1991 video game  “Sonic the Hedgehog” in which he was the enemy of Sonic. The manual of some games call him “Dr. Ivo Robotnik (AKA Dr. Eggman)” . He is more commonly referred to as “Dr. Robotnik” in the other Sonic titles.

In 1998 , Sonic Adventure was released , with the new design now mostly referred to as “Dr. Eggman” .  Since then , all new Sonic games had this variant. It has made websites around the world ask the question “Is Dr. Eggman Dr. Robotnik?” with no official answer……. UNTIL NOW! I went to SEGA and asked , and they said “Dr. Eggman is an alias!” . I googled that and it basically is a nick-name by which a person is more known than there real name. So Dr. Eggman is just a redesigned Dr. Robotnik , going by his alias. It seems simple now but for some people it may be hard to swallow . But think about this , in 1998 they redesigned Sonic and all the other characters , including Robotnik! Get it? There is the answer to all Robotnik VS Eggman arguements! GOD BLESS!