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Segtindo’s Relationship

Me and Nace10 (from  ) were speaking about the new relationship between SEGA and Nintendo , and we spoke of how they hated each other before.


We talked about how amazing it was that SEGA and Nintendo were in a constant battle during the 90’s (“The Console Wars”) but are now joined to make games for Mario’s commercial arch-nemesis , SONIC. During the Console Wars , SEGA had the 16-bit Genesis that immediately took over the 8-bit NES (and , thus , Genesis does what Nintendon’t). It’s higher definition graphics and hit game Sonic the Hedgehog rocketed the system into the record books , and right into Nintendo’s territory. Nintendo responded with the Super Nintendo , a 16-bit console equal to the Genesis. But , SEGA already secured their place. Nintendo eventually took over with the Nintendo 64 , with 64-bit graphics that overran the 32-bit Saturn , one year after the Saturn’s creation. Shortly after , SEGA’s Dreamcast over-took Nintendo , but it faced another enemy: Playstation 2. At the time it came out , SEGA stopped making systems completely , and now they just make games.

Now that Sega and Nintendo (unofficially Segtindo) have joined , maybe we can expect a new system! With two of the best video game console companies joined , there is no limit to the possibilities.

I would like to take a moment to say thank you to the viewers that flooded in when I posted about Segtindo . I was one of the first people to blog about it , and it gained me tons of viewers and comments. Thank you guys , please comment , GOD BLESS!

Minecraft Challenge!

I have decided to challenge my viewers (YOU!) . The challenge is for you to build a Sonic the Hedgehog Minecraft map! If possible , could you make a Green Hill Zone with a Boss? Or possibly a Death Egg? It , of course , can’t be a platformer , but you could make Badnik’s and Rings for health as well as spikes and bouncers. If you can/have , please contect me!!! Please comment , GOD BLESS!

New and Improved Classics Rising!!!

Hello all! I have decided to make Classics Rising much better by adding more and more categories to the list of them. I have deleted the category of “Classics Toys and Games” since it is much too broad ; nearly every post had that category. I have gone through and categorized each post in its appropriate category. I have also put the category bar near the top of the website so if a new-comer is wanting to see LEGO and not Sonic and Pac-Man and everything else , they can just click LEGO  , or opposite or whatever. I hope this helps you guys , GOD BLESS!

We Wish You A Merry Christmas…….. And A Happy New Website!!!

008At the end of the year , I have decided to make the website half LEGO and half video games and other stuff. I will be doing this over the Christmas. New posts will flow in and there will be better posts!!! Please comment , GOD BLESS!

Welcome to the Place Where Classics Live!

Welcome to Classics Rising! This is a website for classic toys , games , and more!  Our posts are mainly in the categories listed:

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