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Goodwill Video Game Buying Guide

For a long time Goodwill has been a good source for LEGOs and Video Games for me , but sometimes I’ve just broken even when reselling. To prevent others from losing money , I thought I’d make a guide.

(NOTE : This Guide is for older Systems , not Modern.


Though there’s a few exceptions , most SPORTS Video Games for SEGA Genesis , NES , SNES , N64 , and others are basically worthless unless you intend on doing something like making a Video Game Reproduction with it.


Also Games that were EXTREMELY POPULAR , especially Pack-Ins (Games included with the System) are , though fun , virtually worthless. They were mass-produced , so many of them are out there.


Lastly , GAMES BASED ON TV SHOWS , GAME SHOWS , OR BOARD GAMES are usually useless. Though TV-Show Based Games can be worth some , most are not.


Now , let’s assess Games with Value. My local Goodwill charges a flat rate of $5 for Games , so these titles should bring in more money than that so you will profit.


THE LEGEND OF ZELDA  , especially Gold Cartridge Games , usually carry some value.

METAL GEAR : SOLID (GBC)  is a rare title , but it’s usually readily available for a high-ish price .

SEGA SATURN GAMES are generally worth lots of money. There are few that are worth less than $10.


I hope this guide helps you , GOD BLESS!


How to Fix “Jittery” Atari Paddle Controllers

Atari’s 2600 Joystick is likely the most popular Controller for the system ; it’s simple , iconic , and it gets the job done.  While it may be the most popular , some Games require you to use another type of Controller : the Paddle.


The Paddle is basically a paddle-shaped Controller with a knob on top and a red button on the side. It is required to play Games such as Breakout , Super Breakout , Street Racer , and many other Games. Though an amazing Controller , the Paddle is prone to “jittering” ; the item the Paddle controls jittering or shaking onscreen while the knob is being turned. This makes it very hard to play some Games , as quick reaction time and precise Sprite movement are needed when you’re trying to hit that ball back against the multi-colored wall! This guide requires a lot of work , and it can prove  harder than it looks.


First thing you’ll wanna do is remove the two screws on the bottom of the Controller.


Then , you will want to remove the knob. This can be done by pulling straight up on the knob ; no twisting , just pulling.


Use an adjustable wrench or pliers to remove the nut under the knob.

Now , the part that senses the movement of the knob will be free.


The next step is rather tricky.


Those little metal flaps seen must be bent back. This can be done using a small flat-head screwdriver , a knife , or anything small enough to get under the flaps. Bend the flaps back to free the rest of the contraption.


You will find this inside. Separate it from the other parts. Now you must clean it THOROUGHLY .


Soak the bottom completely and clean the metal part and under the winged flaps. Be careful though not to be too strong with your cleaning so that you don’t break the metal. Be sure that you clean very well so that you don’t have to re-clean the Paddle.

Also clean the metal casing so that any goop will not get back on.

Next , clean the circular sensing part:


This will take a lot of cleaning , just like with the other part. Continue to clean it with a alcohol-soaked Q-Tip until there is no gunk , then remove the alcohol (and remaining goop) with a dry Q-Tip.

Now , reassemble the contraption , keeping in mind that  first the black part goes into the casing , then the circular sensing part , then the metal part with the grooves on top.


While it’s partly disassembled , make sure to test the controller.


Now , place it back into the Paddle. Make sure that the part attaching the wires points towards the bottom of the Controller (Where the “Paddle” Sticker is on the other side) .

Make sure the button is on correctly and that the wire is coming out of the Controller through the hole.


Make sure also that the two wires are away from each other , so that they do not connect , which could possibly cause some “jitters”.


Now put the nut back , and make sure it’s nice and tight , because if it’s loose it will cause “jitters”.


Now put the knob back on and you’re done!!


I hope my guide helped you , GOD BLESS!

The Best of the Best Video Game Merchandise

Along with most successful Video Games comes merchandise such as Action Figures , Plushies , and LCD Mini-Games , though the latter fazed out a few years ago. Since I’m a big fan of Sonic and Pac-Man , I thought I should post about the best of the best merchandise. Let’s Start off with Pac-Man!

LCD Pac-Man Game


This is the cooler Lit one that is transparent. It’s got lots of extra functions like Pause , New Game , Two Player , Sound ON/OFF , and Player/Check. The Zones consist of multiple “Floors”  that make up the map.

Arcade Candy Tin


The Arcade Candy Tin is amazing. It has lots of details and is low-priced. Look at the Game Screen!

Light-Up Sound-Making Ornaments


Though these are rather expensive , they are totally worth it. Press a Button and the Screen and Banner light up while sounds from the Game play. They retailed around $30 each when they came out , but the price is bound to have changed by now.

Ms./Pac-Man and Ghost Wind-Up


This is my NM Ms. Pac-Man 1982 Wind-Up. The fact that Ms. Pac-Man has pretty much been left out from all the modern Pac-Man Games makes it even more cool , as there isn’t anymore merchandise like this.


Pac-Man and Ghost (Blinky) Wind-Ups

These look great! You wind them up and they race around in circles. Plus the box can be closed back , unlike the Carded Ms. Pac-Man Wind-Up.

Pac-Man Bandages


Very unique and only a Dollar! Nice and Nerdy!

That’s all for Pac-Man . Now time for Sonic!

Dr. Eggman (Robotnik) Plushie


Though Sonic X was terrible , there was still some good merchandise that relates to the Games. This Robotnik Plushie is a great figure that is one of the stars of my collection.

Sonic Spinball Machine

online 4

This is a fun machine with artwork from Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball (Game Gear/Master System). It’s got fun Sound Effects and a flashing light. It also has an LCD Display that will display a Score up to 99,999 Points.

Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Comics


Though the Archie Comics are a little too expansive compared to how the Games are (which are also too expansive themselves!) it’s still good to have something similar to the TV Shows , since the only good one was SatAM and that and the others are all gone.

Nooowwww…… for the best merchandise that BOTH Pac-Man AND Sonic have in common…..


TV GAMES!!! It is the cheapest way to get Arcade Perfect ports of Classic Games , since the Games on Virtual Console and Live Arcade are Emulations , not Ports. TV Games Still remain today , though Pac-Man TV Games are pretty much gone.

That’s today’s late post. I hope you like it! Please Comment , GOD BLESS!

Atari Breakout’s (Late) Anniversary Gift from Google

Have you ever played Breakout? Well , if you don’t know , it’s a classic 1976 game made by Atari that involves a large “wall” and a paddle and a ball. You bounce the ball between the paddle and the wall and break through the wall bit by bit , until you destroy it entirely. I have the original version on a TV game , but for a quick pic , check out the LCD version (Click the image to play the Google game).


For the 37th anniversary , Google made a Breakout game on the Images search! Just Google “Atari Breakout” and you will play a Breakout game where you destroy the images that would ordinarily show up if you Googled it. It emulates the game very well , though the sound effects are from Atari’s Video Olympics , but it’s still fun. Though it’s late (Breakout was made in April)  , it’s still a fun game. Beware a few glitches though . Go check it out!

(Special thanks to Yoda Archives who told about it)


BrickArcade Challenge Extended Rules

With the BrickArcade Challenge now started , I have decided to post the extended rule list.

1. Your machine must be LEGO (I.E. , no fake brands or other building material such as wood , non-LEGO metal , or non-LEGO plastic)

2. You CAN use whatever electronics (LEGO or non) you want , such as an IPod/Pad , GameBoy , or ect.

3. It must perform an action/it must function ; if it’s a claw machine , it must grab prizes ; if it’s a video game , it must play. If the game does nothing , it will not be judged , and , thus , can not win.

4. It doesn’t have to be coin operated , but that will increase your score. (NOTE: If it just has a coin slot , and the coin performs no function , it will not count as coin operated)

5. You CAN use paper/other materials for artwork on the machine.

6. You must provide adequate pictures. Pictures of the internal mechanisms will help your score.

These are all of the rules for the BrickArcade Challenge. As said before , all submissions must be uploaded to Classics Rising’s Facebook page  , or emailed to me if Facebook is not an option.

Entries will be judged by me and possibly a second judge. Please enter! GOD BLESS!

BrickArcade Challenge!

Have you ever wanted an arcade game but didn’t have room for the real deals? Of course , if we A or TFOL’s want anything , we build it out of LEGO , so why not arcade machines?!?!


In my past , I made multiple claw machines out of LEGO , as I was addicted to them back then. Out of all my attempts , this one was the best in the claw machine department . I also built a coin pusher that can be seen here. Also my LEGO Pinball Machines did well.


I also made an Atlantis one (video here) that worked pretty good.

My challenge to YOU is to build your own LEGO version of whatever arcade game you choose , be it a claw machine , UFO Catcher , Arcade Game , Pinball Machine , or Coin Pusher!

Of course there are rules to this contest (Did I mention it was a contest?) which are :

1. It MUST be LEGO (no fake brands or other building material).

2. You can use whatever electronics you want inside (LEGO or non-) such as an IPod or something that the game would be played on.

3. It DOESN’T have to be coin operated , but that would help your chances of winning.

NOTE : The rules have been updated/extended. See here.


To enter the contest , take a picture (please no black-and-whites!) of your arcade game , along with a description of the machine/game. Upload that picture to the Classics Rising Facebook page with your description to enter. The best of the best will win!

NOTE : If you CAN’T go on Facebook , send me an email with your description and picture.

All contest entries will be reviewed and judged by me. I PROMISE that I will not be biased ; if there is a terrible Pac-Man machine versus an amazing Tetris  , I will pick the best-built.

Please enter , GOD BLESS!

Blast from the Past – LCD Arcade Games

This week’s Blast from the Past is about LCD Games- a game’s cheaper , portable counterpart! Today I will show you some old ones from my childhood. First up , Pac-Man!

100_5820 This is a 2001 Pac-Man LCD game . This is the backlit version that is see-through , so it is better an easier to play than the non-lit one would be. It was given to me for Christmas way-back-when. It works and it still has the manual. Here is a screenshot:


Pac-Man goes through eight levels (floors) per stage eating Pac-Pellets , Power-Pellets , Fruit , and Ghosts. It is really fun to play especially for nostalgia’s sake. It has fun sound effects and two-player mode.

Next , my Super Breakout mini Arcade Game! I can’t find the manual but I still have the original joystick and the game works great!


I know the screen looks dim but that is just the camera flash. Here is a screenshot:


It is much like the Atari 2600 SB but it has a few differences. Despite that , it is still fun. It has great music , fun play , and a “demo” mode.

That’s this week’s Blast from the Past and today’s post. Please comment , GOD BLESS!

TV Games : Classic Games without the Classic Price!


Have you ever wanted to play classic games , but been discouraged by the classic price? Well , don’t lose hope , TV Games are here to help!

TV Games you say? Aren’t those just full of cheesy games made for little kids? Well , usually , yes. But in 2004 a sort of “fad” began . This “fad” was for classic video game companies to put there arcade hits on these TV Games.

So now you see the good of TV Games , but now purists are probably thinking “These were made in ’04 , so they must be the re-designed games , not the originals”.  You’d also be wrong on that point. These games are not re-designed , but the originals! How dare they!!!! Just kidding , but SEGA is almost ashamed of the REAL originals , re-making the sound effects and making the games easier. But no worries here. The only re-design here is that on Pole Position some of the “advertisement” signs have been changed to signs that have Jakks Pacific logos and logos of the games featured on the TV Game on them , but otherwise it’s the same game.

All of these seen in the pictures are vintage , but Atari and SEGA still make TV Games today! SEGA has a new Genesis system  (which has already been blogged about)  containing , sadly , redesigned games from the Genesis era as well as some clone games. This is a TV Game but it is made by AtGames , not Jakks Pacific.

Atari has their series of Atari Flashback‘s which contain some ports in certain versions , while some contain unreleased games. They also have the Atari 2600 joystick TV Game .

That’s today’s post. Sorry it is so late , I am sick. Please comment , GOD BLESS!

Atari Belt Buckle and Wrist Band on Sale for $1!!!

100_5642 - Copy I was at Toys “R” Us yesterday and went to the Sonic aisle after searching through the on-sale LEGOs. When I went to the aisle , I noticed the Atari combo pack I saw last time. But , it was on sale for only $1!!! I bought it  , of course ,  and was thrilled to open it. I immediately added it to the collection of wristbands/bracelets/watches already on my arm. I do plan on eventually wearing the buckle , but it has a fatal flaw : the joystick poking up will stab me in the stomach when I sit down!!!! I’ll work something out , since I would love to more original and unique!!!!! It is made to look like an Atari 2600 controller , with amazing detail. Well worth the $1. Please comment , GOD BLESS!

The Classics Rising Awards!

Classics Rising is dedicated to classics , but there can be an argument over what is the best. I have decided , because of that , to make The Classics Rising Awards!!!! The first award will go to the best game system:


As you can see there are 3 choices: Sega Genesis , Atari 2600 , and Game Gear. I will be voting but I will not tell which one I am voting for. A poll will be added to the website to see what the viewers want. Other awards (like best classic toy) will also be given. Hope you guys vote. What do you guys think of the Classics Rising  game system? It is sort of a combination of a Sega Genesis and an Atari 2600. Please vote , GOD BLESS!