About Classics Rising

Classics Rising is a website dedicated to Classics started on November 2nd , 2012. I , Jeremiah Jackson , manage the website , writing posts and approving posts that come in. I post about Sonic , LEGO , Pac-Man , Star Wars , Mario , Games , Merchandise , tutorials , and other Classics.

I am a very Nerdy and Geeky JESUS FREAK . God is my life , and I love him so much. He blesses me with so many wonderful things. Please check out my page about Jesus and how to get Saved. I go by TobyMacBoy , ClassicsRising , or Jeremiah Jackson on most websites. I am also a Drummer and a LEGO , Pac-Man , Sonic , Mario , Mythbusters , Heavy Metal , Rap,  and Star Wars fan. I really love Classic Video Games , as you can tell by the website . My favorite bands are definitely:

TobyMac (Thus the name)




We As Human



Mike Mitchel (Local Rapper)

and that’s it.

Though I had LEGO a little through out my life , I first got into LEGO in 2009 when I wanted to build my own Arcade Claw Machine. A friend of mine gave me a handful of figures , and I got the Slave I (’06 Model) for $2.00 at a yard sale , but the instructions were in ruins and it was incomplete so I used it for parts. That Christmas I was given the 8047 LEGO Technic Compact Excavator , and I was officially hooked. I still have a deep love for Technic , and I enjoy combining Bricks with Technic to make good looking yet functional models. It wasn’t until 2011 that I finally downloaded the instructions for the Slave I and built it . I truly love the older style of building that was used in sets back then. It was so much fun to build and more fun than newer sets in my opinion.

Throughout my history of LEGO , I have found many great sets and boxes of bricks at GoodWill and antique shops. Most famously , I found 3 NBA figs sealed for only 50c , and once my mother found 2 large boxes of Bricks , one of which contained a Chrome-Gold C-3PO . My brother wanted to use it or Brickfilms , and I wanted to display it. My mom chose a number and I guessed it exactly.

I love to take large desks and fill them with all the LEGOs and Sonic and Pac-Man toys and generally Nerdy merchandise I own , middle two of which I have owned nearly my whole life.



That isn’t all of it. It would take a lot of pictures to capture all of my collection.

Now for my Video Game Story!

I have always favored Classics over new ever since I was a little kid. When I was around five , my dad gave me his Sega Nomad he bought the day I born. My favorite game was Sonic the Hedgehog , and I played it almost every day. But , through the abuse of me and my little brother , it died. I got “Sonic Mega Collection Plus” later on for Christmas , and I played every Game on it , preferring it over the new “Sonic Heroes” game that we also had. Later on in life I would always play classics , including one of my favorites , PAC-MAN! In 2012 , I started playing “Sonic Mega Collection Plus” more and more , until I got addicted. I then wanted to buy a Sega Genesis , but the high prices discouraged me. I then started to collect the Genesis cartridge games , but I only managed to get one at Goodwill before a glorious chance came up.  I went to my Church yard sale helping out , but also looking for a Genesis! I didn’t find one , so while I was sitting with another helper , I said ” Man , I wish they had a Sega!” and she said ” I got a Sega Genesis” and it went on from there. I bought it from her for $20 , but it was missing the adapter. I bought an adapter on eBay , and it worked! It had many games with it , including Sonic 1 & 2 . In 2013 , I got back into Sonic figures and merchandise. Thankfully , I kept some of the rare-ish Sonic toys from my childhood. Also in 2013 , on May the Fourth (Star Wars Day) I bought a SEGA Saturn at a Flee Market for only $25.  I won a Game Gear at an auction before that , but the capacitors failed , so it doesn’t work. I did eventually replace the capacitors , but I likely ruined it . I also own a Game Boy Advance SP with lots of Sonic and Pac-Man GBA Games as well as Pac-Man for Original Game Boy , Tetris for Original Game Boy , and some other games.

I later bought a GBC (Game Boy Color) at Goodwill for $10.81. It included 5 Games , 4 plastic Cartridge Cases , and a functioning Tommy Hilfiger GBC Unit. I traded four of the Games for $17 , so major profit on that , Thank God.




Thank you for taking the time to read this. GOD BLESS!


Headers are pictures of my personal collection in front of a LEGO background. Photographed by Jeremiah Jackson.

Background photographed by Jeremiah Jackson “Pac-Mania for the SEGA Genesis Game System” . Game made in 1991 , photographed in 2013.

All photography is done by Jeremiah Jackson , website members , or the photos’ respective owners. Please feel free to use these photographs as much as you like , but please give credit by saying “Photograph(s) from ClassicsRising.Wordpress.com” .

  1. Ohhh. I’m liking this site TMB.

  2. Can I write about MnCrft? It’s not old, but it has old school graphics.

  3. Oh gosh , I don’t even know my own name!

  4. YES you can write about MC!

  5. Hey TMB!!! It’s the_yummy from godtube!!!!
    I like your site! I love old school games. But you talk
    More about Gameboys??? I like them, I have a gba myself!!
    Try also the ps2.. I have one also. Keep up the good work!!!
    Don’t give up on this website, IT’S EPIC!!!!! Keep talking about
    Old school games/game systems!!!- the_yummy

  6. By the way? You have twitter and Facebook???

  7. Ya know what! Just because of this , I will start posting again. I will try to make a Video Review of one of my Favorite GBA Games.

    If you’ve got a GBA , look into a GBA SP! They’ve got lit screens , so no annoying lights to buy! You can go one more by getting one with “AGS-101” on the back , as it is backlit , as oppose to the AGS-001 , which is frontlit.

    Sorry , I can’t Buy anymore Game Systems , and I don’t have the room for any! I’ve already got 7 and 87 Games!!

    I had a PSX (PlayStation Original/One) that my cousin gave me , but it quit working and I got rid of it. Now I wish I kept it , since I know a lot about how to fix Game Systems now!! Same feeling for the SEGA Nomad (Portable SEGA Genesis) I had as a kid.

  8. Oh yeah, I meant to say I have a gameboy advanced
    Sp…. Feal bad for those game systems breaking.
    Only 87 games?? I think a have maybe 90 LOL… That
    Includes my ps2, Wii, game boy advance sp, Nintendo
    Ds lite (I’m going to sell that) I’m not trying to
    Brag, just saying…. Thanks for posting again, is
    It ok if I tell you my website if you haven’t been on it?

  9. Why are you selling your DS Lite? They make some ROCKIN’ Sonic Games for it I’ve heard. And I’ve checked out Daily Adventures. BTW , Could you make a GodTube Video about how to make an Ender Portal Please? I can’t figure it out .

  10. My Game Systems Include:
    SEGA Genesis

    (Paid $20 with Games , TV Cable , and Controller , had to Buy Power Adapter)
    SEGA Saturn

    (Paid $25 , included 3D Controller and all hookups)
    SEGA Game Gear

    (Paid $23.32 , included Strap , both Battery Covers , and Portable Battery , but , as with all Game Gears , the Capacitors are bad , so I have to replace them to get it to work again , but I got my $23.32 worth of fun out of it while it was alive)

    I got my Game Boy Advance SP from my cousin when she got a DS

    (their Grandma bought them lots of Handhelds , and they gave me and my brother their Game Boy Advances and Game Boy Advance SPs , but we gave the Game Boy Advances back when they gave us their Game Boy Advance SPs)

    And for my Birthday I got 2 Atari 2600s (long-ish Story) and a NES Complete in the Box , though the Power Adapter didn’t work.

    I had lots more Games but I traded them for stuff 🙂

  11. Cool!!!! I really want a NES :p but I don’t have
    Tv in my room, I need a tv.. 🙂 wanna chat on my
    Website?? Btw today (September 2nd) I
    Took apart our ps2 controller thy
    Doesn’t work.. SWEET INSIDE!!

  12. Sorry typo: thy? I ment to say the. Sorry..

  13. To fix the remote clean it with a q-tip lightly dampened with alcohol.
    And you can get a Retro Bit NES for around $20 , but you can’t play any Games that require a Zapper.

  14. Oh that stinks… I saw some retro bit nes’s
    On amazon. Might have to get one!!!! Btw, I i Tryed with a q-tip,
    I got he black stuff but I put one of the wires broke inside because the “x” button never worked, anyways we are going to get a new controller. Wanna see the ps2 controller parts? Go to my website: http://www.todays-adventure.weebly.com

    And look for the blog, and read the first one. It’s cool!!!

  15. Oh sorry I didn’t know you went on my website, I didn’t see the post, and yes, I will make a video SUPER soon. It’s hard to do videos during school year… 😦

  16. It is! It’s nice to know that I’m not the only Nerd that gets pleasure out of seeing the insides of Games and Systems and Stuff. Old Systems are even more fun to see! Plus I am trying to start a “career” of a Video Game and System Repairman . “Extra Life Video Games” is what I am going to name it hopefully.

    I need to do some harder work than cleaning first though so I know I can take on bigger challenges. For instance , I need to replace the Capacitors in my SEGA Game Gear. I KNOW what to do mostly , but I don’t know if I CAN do it.

    And about the Retro-Bit NES , I would say it would be better for someone with not as much experience in Video Game Console and Cartridge Repair and Cleaning. The NES can be , well finicky.

    The Cartridges SAY not to clean with Alcohol , but that works just fine , hurts nothing and gets the job done.

    The major parts of the NES I am unsure you would be able to work with are the Pins (Things that Read the Cartridge) and the Cartridges themselves. If either are too dirty you get problems like the NES turning On and Off every Second , which I don’t think happens with the Retro-Bit NES. The NES I have is Front-Loading (Means you put the Cartridge in like you would a Video Tape in a VCR) but they made a later model that it Top-Loading (Like the Retro-Bit NES) that doesn’t have problems like that , I’ve heard. But the Front-Loading NES looks more Iconic , and I like it better.

    Also neglecting the Console (like leaving a Cartridge in while the System is not being played) can bend the Pins , but , Nintendo made the Pins removable (All Pins are removable , but this one , I think , can be removed with out having to de-solder and re-solder the Pins) and a new 72-Pin connector is only around $10. But , taking professional care of the System and Cleaning it when needed with a NES Cleaning Kit can prevent problems.

  17. GET A GENESIS! SEGA GENESIS DOES WHAT NINTENDON’T! JK , but if you’re going to get a TV , follow to of my wise words-to-get-an-extra-life-by .Get it at Goodwill . They sell Tube TVs (“Box TVs”) for a low price as far as I know. Tube TVs have higher Picture and Sound Quality , and they also last longer and can go through more without being ruined. You could probably get one for around $10-$15-$20 . Goodwill is also a GREAT place to get SEGA Genesis , Game Boy , Game Boy Advance , and Game Boy Color , and , especially Nintendo Entertainment System Games .

    And , if you want to get a SEGA Genesis and a Nintendo Entertainment System , check out this : http://www.amazon.com/Genesis-Hyperkin-Action-System-Function/dp/B004H7U07A/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1378427043&sr=8-3&keywords=Nes+Genesis

    It Plays NES and Genesis Games. Though I have heard it can’t play some Games or doesn’t Play them as good as the original Systems . But , I must say , given enough searching , you can get a real SEGA Genesis Model II for around $30. Model II is the Best , though it is not as high-quality as the Model I SEGA Genesis , it is much smaller , so it , in mu opinion , is best. I’d say get the Retron NES first , then check eBay for a low-priced TESTED Model II Genesis (Model III has the worst Sound Quality , I’ve heard) .

    Just go along like that , but MAKE SURE you check Goodwill , Flea Markets , and , especially check online to see if there are any Retro Game Stores in your area.

    • Sorry I Tryed replying before and my ipod died, SORRY FOR Aton of typos >.< And my b-day is coming up and I might ask for a tv, and a classic system, should I ask for those??? Or just a new pc? New pc= MORE GT (godtube, not gamertag) MORE GODTUBE VIDEOS 🙂 classic system= new website all about classic gaming and classic gaming only, I know your thinking "He's a nerd because he's making me pick his b-day gifts" Im just getting a opinion about good stuff to get… And yes I always comment using my ipod..

  18. Well , that’s a tuffy. Last Christmas I asked for a PC instead of the tons of LEGO’s that I usually ask for. Do you get Birthday Money? Just ask for a PC and check out the square Retro-Bit NES with whatever Ca$h , then see where you can go from there , but don’t forget to pay your Tithes!!

    P.S.—- I want to make s’more posts , but I am unpacking from a move…

    P.P.S.—— Nerdiness is good. You don’t see non-Nerds building huge successful Gaming Companies do yA?

    • Ok… Ill use what ever cash I get on a retro bit nes, and ask for a new pc… I was debating in those 2…. Thanks!!! And I do not see non-nerds building huge gaming company’s…

      P.s.– Did I subscribe to your godtube channel yet??

  19. Yes , you did Subscribe , and Yeez Welcome!

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