How to Build a LEGO Miles “Tails” Prower

Today I will show you how to construct a LEGO Miles “Tails” Prower. I’ve included pictures of all the pieces you need for each section.

tails online

First , we will start with the head. Here are the pieces required:


First , take your yellow 2×2 and attach to two yellow slopes pieces:


Now get your 2×2 white plate and attach one 1×1 with clip to the plate like so:


Now take two 1×1 plates and attach a black stud to the bottom of each.


Now place them on top of the plates with the clips:


Now get the pieces pictures below:


Stack on top of the other with the 1×1 white plate on the bottom and place it  between the eyes like this:


Now turn it around and place a 1×1 Brick in the empty space. The result will look like this:


Now add the yellow Brick with ears you built earlier:


Now place a yellow stud on the bottom in the middle. This will allow the head to swivel :


Next comes the body. Here are the required pieces :


Now place a 1×2 yellow Brick under the 2×2 yellow plate:


Now put two Bricks with a stud on the side in the front so they face the left and right :


Now place a 1×3 piece on each stud like this pictured :


Now place a plate with knob on the end of  each arm :.


Next you will place a 1×2 plate with pole on the back of the body :


Next place a 1×2 yellow plate under the body like this :


Next are the tails. They are very simple. Place 2 plates with knobs on the plate with the pole. Place a 1×2 while plate on each knobbed plate , and place a tooth piece under each. I know it sounds terrifyingly hard , but here’s a pic of how simple it truly IS!:



Now place the head on the body. Place it so that the yellow stud under the head is in the middle of the 2×2 on the top of the body :


This last part is the easiest. Here are your pieces needed :


Do I even need to describe this step?


Put that together and attach it to the 1×2 with the clips like sooo:


Now place a yellow 1×2 plate on top of the plate with clips :


Now attach this to the front of the bottom of the body and your DONE!!! :


YOU DID IT! I soo proud of you! Anyway , thanks for reading , and I hope you get the best results. GOD BLESS!!

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  1. Great little tutorial

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