3 More Game Gear Titles Hit 3DS eShop!

SEGA has again added 3 Game Gear Games to the 3DS eShop , but this time they have included one of Sonic’s Classic Platforming adventures as well as one of Tails’ rare Spin-Off’s , and another Game I’ve never heard of!



Sonic Blast is the Game Gear port of Sonic 3D Blast , though it is nothing like it. The game features “3D-ish” Graphics in Side-Scrolling Platformer version of Sonic 3D. The Game features music that is completely original ; it has very little relation to Sonic 3D’s music.  This Game is very fun and long as well as difficult. The Game follows the same story as the other titles , except this time Robotnik has stolen all the Chaos Emeralds and built a Giant Space Station (Called a “Giant Platform with a Walrus Mustache” in the manual) that strongly resembles the Death Egg. You will gain access to an extra Boss if you collect all the Chaos Emeralds , just like the Genesis / Saturn version. Also , just like the Genesis / Saturn version , the Final Boss is shaped like an Egg.  It is essentially a 2.5D version of Sonic and Knuckles , though the Game is easier with Knuckles due to his Climbing ability. Sonic has a “Blast Attack” , but it is nothing like the Homing Attack in Sonic 3D. It is basically a double-jump.

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Tails Adventure! I’ve never played this before , but I’ve read up on it and it sounds fun! You go around as Tails in a little flying ship and also on land to destroy birds. You eventually battle a large evil Bird named Kukku.

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Defender of Oasis. I’ve never heard or read about this until now. Looks fun though! SEGA says that there are more GG Games on the way for the eShop. Along with this , I announce that I have finally found someone who can fix my GG and hopefully for a low price! Please comment , GOD BLESS!


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