Four Game Gear Titles Hit 3DS eShop!

SEGA has done well in selling their old Games on modern devices , and now they have added 4 titles to 3DS eShop! The titles include:

Sonic the Hedgehog (8-Bit)

Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine (8-Bit)

Columns (8-Bit)

And Shining Force : The Sword of Hyjal!


I’m not sure how well these are emulated , or if they were ported. Why don’t y’all try it out? I have personally played MBM and STH and the 16-Bit version of Columns and they are all great. If y’all have these , please tell us! GOD BLESS!


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  1. Mean Bean Machine can be annoyingly addictive. Fond memories of renting the Mega Drive version in something ridiculous like 1994 and playing it all night! 🙂 It’s a puzzle game so it was different from most Sonic-franchised games in that it had genuine replay value.

    • Yeah. When I bought it I beat it in 2 days because I played it for hours. My poor MD! Two player is also fun , but I wish one player couldn’t pick an easier difficulty than the other. The GG version is nearly identical . It was perfectly 8-bit ported . You should try it!

      • It took me so long to get past some of the wretched levels. Then I remember I beat Robotnik in about 45 seconds or something silly, by a total fluke! Got a mass of time points.

        I have played the Master System version, it’s actually quite a bit harder at times because it’s stingier on the refugees when racking up large combos.

        Great game though 🙂 Want to play it now! 😛

  2. That happened to me too! The only Badnik’s I found hard were Coconuts , Grounder , Humpty , Davy Sprocket , and Sqweel. Robotnik took no time 🙂

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