Recommended 3rd-Party Accessories for SEGA Genesis and Saturn

Most 3rd-party accessories for the SEGA Genesis and Saturn are complete crap. They don’t work , they perform horribly , and they are fragile. But , there are a handful that stand above the rest. Here they are :


Most 3rd-party game parts are just junk , but , as the box says, this is an
innovation. It actually works very well! It’s low-priced and sturdy , as well as
reliable. My only comment is that the part that plugs into the wall gets very
hot , but not to a dangerous point , and the original adapter may do that as
well , but I don’t know. The box design is clever : It never says that it is
licensed by SEGA , but it has a very small fake SEGA Seal that says “THE BEST” .
The logo is small enough to gain approval of a quick looker. It also mentions
that it works for “GEN 2 & 3” , so it looks legit , and it’s actually worthy
of being legit. I usually fork out the extra money for official products , but
this is just fine.

Also we have the amazing Eclipse Stick:


I traded some games and $5 with a local game merchant to get this controller ,
and I’d say it’s worth everything I spent. Its got large Arcade-style buttons
and a Joystick. Its also got a strong metal base and is made of very
high-quality parts. Unlike the other 3rd-party junk this controller proves
itself worthy. It has a “Slow” button that pauses and un-pauses the game rapidly
, which , though a nice addition , is kind of unnecessary . You can also program
a button to activate multiple buttons at once as well as some other features I
can’t quite figure out , like the two switches and the second feature on the LED
display. That leads us to our next point : the LED display. It’s really nice and
bright , great addition! The controller even works great with “Notorious” games
like Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic R. The only complaint I have is the “Trigger
Button” placement. It makes it pretty hard to use the “Corner” function in Sonic
R , but since I can corner easily without triggers in most levels , I only have
to avoid the Regal Ruins Track while using this , due to it’s curves. But ,
that’s just with Sonic R , so I don’t know how it would fare in games where the
triggers would perform other functions. The controller uses a more reliable and
repairable method of touch sensors , and since the analog Thumbpad on my 3D
controller uses a technology I don’t know how to repair , I find this
controller’s build more favorable (BTW , if anyone knows how to fix the analog
Thumbpad , please comment!!). It’s an amazing 3rd-party controller that matches
and , at some points , outdoes SEGA’s official controllers. What I LOVE LOVE
LOVE about this controller is the really long cord. My bed (where I sit when
playing my GEN/Saturn and other Games) is a reasonably long distance from my
television , and I have to sit at the end of my bed to play my GEN/Saturn. But
with this controller , I am free to lie around on my bed while using this
heavenly controller. I recommend this up to at least the $25 range , but not too
much more.

These are way-past cool ! Very highly recommended ! Please comment , GOD BLESS!


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