LEGO Mindstorms Found for $10

I was at my local Flea Market looking for Games and LEGO when I received a call from my mom. She said she had found a LEGO Mindstorms for $10. I was not sure if sure if she was correct or not about what it was but she bought it. After we were finished at the Flea Market , I got into the truck and saw it! LEGO Mindstorms almost complete for $10!


Awesome , right? The only part I could tell was missing was a green ball , but there are 2 other green balls in there so it’s fine with me! Here’s everything I got:


Lots of pieces , Manual , Test Pad , 3 Motors , 2 Touch Sensors , 1 Color Sensor , 1 Ultra-Sonic Sensor , the NXT , as well as connectors. The first day I got it I built a Coin Pusher by modifying the cabinet of my incomplete LEGO Claw Machine. I added the coin-pushing drawer as well as barriers for the coin-pushing area and some other stuff. Check out my pics!


Here is the whole model. When you start the program , it will say “Play” and the NXT will display “PRESS BUTTON”. Once you press the Touch Sensor , a Laser Blast sound will be heard and the drawer will start moving. At this time , the NXT will read “INSERT COINS”. After 60 seconds , the drawer will stop and the NXT will say “Game Over” and then “Play”. The NXT will once again display “PRESS BUTTON” and the process will continue until it is canceled.


Before the button is pushed , this is displayed. After it is pushed , this is displayed:


This will display for 60 seconds , and will go back to “PRESS BUTTON” after.

Here is the Coin Pusher with no coins inside:


Here is the Motor:


Here is the Coin Slot. Inside are a few studs that the coin will hit . When it hits one , it will go a different direction .


Nice , huh? Here is my video of it:

100_7522 - Copy

I am thankful to God that He blessed me with this. Please Comment , GOD BLESS!


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Some guy. Writes about his favorite things. Is an actual human being and not a loud-mouthed-douchebot-clickbait-thousand. Heavy Metal, Video Games older than I am, and entertainment in general are my specialty. Enjoy the fellow person.

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  1. Meneldur son of Garamar

    Cool! Very clever Tobymacboy.

  2. Thank you ! It took a while to figure out the programming though.

  3. Meneldur son of Garamar

    So Tobymacboy, are you at all into Lord of the Rings or Castle, Chima or Ninjago? I know that you’re into SW and I’m guessing Mindstorms. 🙂

    • Yes Mindstorms , and all but LOTR I like , but I figure if I’m gunna spend money , I might as well get want I want most 🙂

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