World’s Largest LEGO Model – X-Wing!

Have you ever tried to make a LEGO model Super-Sized? Well , LEGO has started to make GIANT models made out of LEGO to LOOK like the actual LEGO model and not the real thing. Their latest installment has broken the record as the world’s LARGEST LEGO model – LEGO X-WING!

942143_10151463351238403_2131872968_n 968924_10151463141363403_560390788_n 984288_10151463101943403_402755530_n

WOW! Look at the detail on the studs!! I can’t believe how amazing this looks! It is made to resemble an actual LEGO set , which just adds to the awesome. It also looks like it WORKS like the real LEGO model!


It’s not over yet!  The cockpit is a photo booth!


Check out the small scale VS the full size!


Also the Not-So-Minifigs!


Breathtaking. If I were there , I would be vibrating with excitement . I later found out that they put the LEGO model in a hangar! Like for planes!!!

579307_10151522771178224_1284792390_n Picture by the Mythbusters!

Looks awesome , doesn’t it? Please comment , GOD BLESS!


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  1. Meneldur son of Garamar

    This was on TBB the other day and I think it’s spectacular! I own two different versions of the X-wing in Lego form. I have the 2012 one and the 2007? one. Hmm, I’m not sure if it’s actually 2007 but it’s older.

    • Light Flesh , Solid black eyes , and Hoth Han Solo? That’s the 2007 one. My TRU had it in 2011 ! Funny , but it was more than I could afford…

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