Bad News About Sonic Lost World

Our fast-footed hero has had more than his fair-share of failures throughout his life , most of which come about when SEGA expands the cast and story of Sonic the Hedgehog. SEGA even de-listed lots of their games due to there critical or commercial failures. You would think SEGA would have learned their lesson from games like Sonic 06 and Sonic Unleashed , but they seem to be blind to their own failures : SEGA’s new Sonic Lost World is going to be fraught with new monsters:


It seems these will be worse than before , especially the “sexy” -posing one of the far left. I was very disappointed to see these new monsters. SEGA says these could be Sonic’s friends or enemies. These really seem childish , sort of like those lame cartoons where there’s the girl , the dumb guy , and the skinny guy , just like in real life , but in a creepy monster form. It seems that I am harsh , but this stuff isn’t fun! Fighting endless hoards of Dark Gaia Nightmares as a Werehog for hours to beat a single stage is no fun , especially compared to the more-fun Day stages. I do predict that this game will be a commercial success due to all the hype it has gained ; the critical score will not be as great , in my opinion. But we can never know , as these could be wiped out of the game last minute before release , but so far there isn’t even any news of Dr. Eggman being in this game! There is also a possibility that the level design and gameplay may save it from it’s already-failing plot.

As the counter on the side of the website says , we will have more information by May the 29. Likely this will be fully detailed pictures of the currently shaded monsters. If the game reviews well , and if it is released on this platform , I will likely purchase the PC version once the hype (and price!) dies down.

This is today’s post , but there will be some updates and changes to the website coming along with this. Please comment , GOD BLESS!


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