LEGO Star Wars 2012 #9492 Tie Fighter Review

I received this and the Imperial V-wing Starfighter for my birthday in 2012 (Who says teens can’t have presents?). I was SOOO surprised at the amazingly huge size of the Tie Fighter. Now,  to get started , Let’s talk about the Minifigures!



Tie Pilot: He has new 2010 helmet design that first came in the Tie Defender but with the 2012 Trooper head design. Very nice!
R5-J2 : New Astromech head with the torso design of R2-Q5. Nice look , especially the head , and great coloring. Doesn’t have that large a role in the films , but still adds to the amazingness of this set.
Imperial Officer: The Imperial Officer is a very nice looking and hard-to-get Minifig and fits in perfectly with the other figures. He has a somewhat “rare” dark grey Kepi hat , an the same head that many Imperial/Rebel troops also have. Nice detail on the torso.
Death Star Trooper: This is a great design with a new helmet and head as well as great printing on the torso. One side of the head has a “mad” face ,  while the other (which is my personal favorite) has the same printing as the 2007 AT-ST Pilot. Also includes a blaster. He is one of my favorite Minifigures (Aside from my Chrome Gold C-3PO) and is the best one in this set.
Now to the Tie Fighter!
First off , let me tell you , this is about 10 times larger than it looks online. The wings are HUGE and very detailed . Finally we get a fighter without the annoying blue pieces taking away precious movie accuracy . The circular parts in the middle of the wings , the cockpit window , and the dome above the cockpit are all printed so no huge annoying stickers! We also finally get an actual bubble cockpit window instead of the bubble-inside-a-square window in the previous 2. It is 100% movie accurate besides the red laser tips on the end if the flick-fire missiles , but since those can easily be removed and are made to , that doesn’t take away accuracy. As an ONLINE viewer , I thought that $50 was a little expensive for the part count , but as a REAL-LIFE viewer , I see that there are lots of large plates making it HUGE and worth a lot more than it costs. Sets the size of the Tie Fighter WITHOUT the extra figs go for a lot more than the listed price. In the build , there are a few yellow and red parts , but they are covered with black and grey later on in the build. I don’t know if those colors are cheaper to make than grey or black but maybe that’s why they are there. Anyway , thank you so much for reading my review , please comment  , GOD BLESS!

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