101 Ways to Display and Store Your LEGO

As a LEGO collector , I have lots of LEGO , but not lots of space to display all of my collection. So I have to be smart when it comes to where and how I display everything.


That’s my LEGO desk. There’s more behind the LEGO box with the Walker in it.

You definitely NEED a desk if you want to display well. Also topping it with LEGO baseplates , though expensive , will keep everything organized.

You may not be able to tell at first glance , but there is a technique to how my sets are displayed. Besides the large box in the front , my technique is to put smaller / shorter sets in the front , and larger and more likely to fall sets in the back. This serves more than just one purpose.

1. Having the smaller in the front and the larger in the back allows all of the sets and figures to be seen.

2. The larger sets are more likely fall if closer to the edge ,  as they will be bumped and if they did fall , it would be a harder one than if they fell on the desk.

I also put sets next to ones that relate to them , such as having my Hoth battle pack (behind the box , sorry) next to the AT-AT , and having the Sonic MOC’s together (more behind that box!!!) .

You can also display Minifigures , but this is much easier. LEGO has an official Minifigure display case that costs around $16 , and holds 16 Minifigs:


I use this to display my favorite , older , and unique figures. The flash completely covers the ’06 Han in carbonite.  They also make half-size versions of these , though I don’t know their prices.

And last , but , likely least , is something none of us want to do : store our LEGO.

Storing Minifigures is not very satisfying , as it waists their potential . But , if , like me , you don’t have enough space , you can put them in small plastic baggies and store them in boxes , or , what I use , organizers. Organizers are really good for color-sorting Bricks , as there is no need to display them. You can also use them to date or theme-store your figures:


They are very good for LEGO or small-sized toys and such.

For sorting AND storing your LEGO , there is an appealing product that will satisfy both:


This is another one of my GoodWill finds. I got it for I think around $4. It puts large , medium , and small Bricks into separate layers. Pour in your Bricks and give it a shake! It actually does very well , though mine is missing the clips that attach the top of the head to the rest of it , so I can’t carry it as easily.

Also lots of tubs (like the blue one behind the head) padded with cloth can keep smaller sets safe.

Got any creative ways to display or sort? Tell us about ’em! Please comment , GOD BLESS!!!!!


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