Sonic Super Digest #3

Today a new Sonic comic (and the last in my subscription ; need to get that fixed!) came to my house , so , of course , it is today’s post.


(Awesome toy not included , that’s mine!)

This quarter’s comic is about the Chaos Emeralds! In one Comic , Robotnik sends Coconuts to retrieve a Chaos Emerald from an anonymous thief. Also , the Classic Sonic Comic “Fortified” is included , in which Sonic and co. are exploring a mountain as Robotnik is following them in his BotBus filled with SwatBots. Bunnie tries to move a tree out-of-the-way and discovers that it is a hidden base. Antoine discovers a canon that is useless , and Rotor finds Blacksmith supplies that he uses to make Bunnie a suit of armor , which she uses it to destroy SwatBots and lure the BotBus into a wall.

Also there is a series of Classic Comics “To ‘Bot , or Not to ‘Bot” Part one through three , where Uncle Chuck and Muttski  , who are Roboticized , help Sonic infiltrate Robotnik’s lair . Here , the Doctor has a hoard of new Badniks : Combots!


Robotnik , clad in military uniform , tries to re-align Muttski and Uncle Chuck’s minds , turning them back into his Badniks. Muttski and Uncle Chuck play along as if they were turned , but they truly are not. Rotor’s same technology that he tried to use on Mecha Sally ( Sonic Super Digest #1 ) proves successful on the two as they foil Robotnik’s plan. Uncle Chuck loosens the shackles that attached Sonic to Robotnik’s Roboticizing tank , reprograms the Combots , and sends them marching into the river. Muttski “foils” Sonic’s attempt to Roboticize Robotnik while Uncle Chuck “flies the villian to safety” . Uncle Chuck , Muttski and Sonic part company while the former two return to Robotnik’s lair to continue his destruction.

There is also a Comic for Bunnie and Antoine’s marriage , Hope Kintobor and Snively Robotnik/Kintobor , the destruction of E-102 Gamma and the resurrection of E-123 Omega , as well as other interesting little bits.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I definitely recommend you get this Comic! Please comment , GOD BLESS!


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