May the 4th Be with You / Free Comic Book Day

Today , May the fourth , 2013 ,  is Official Star Wars Day!! On top of that , it’s Free Comic Book Day , and you can get select comics for the low price of oxygen participating Comic Book stores. I went to my local one and picked up three (the limit) of these:


I got one for me , one for my best friend , and one for my brother. The comic is rather short , but it’s free , so I’m not complaining.

Now I have the rest of the post to talk about May the Fourth (Force) Be with You! Stores are putting merchandise on sale , Nerds are rejoicing , and stuff is on sale! Enjoy your retro films , video games , and , mostly , LEGOs!!!! You can get a free Hoth Han Solo fig with any purchase of $75  (on or more on today and tomorrow. Did I mention that tomorrow is Revenge of the Fifth?? I wonder who came up with these? Einstein?  A genius had to have done it!

Last but not least , today I added a new member to the Classics Rising family : a SEGA Saturn!


I picked up this wonderful machine at my local flee market for $25! I have no games , but I put in a music CD to test it (the seller said it worked , but I wanted a confirmation). The guy I bought it from was selling a PSP , GBA SP , WII , Atari 2600 ,  XBox , SNES , Genesis ,Saturn , Dreamcast ,  and a souped NES that the guy fixed to work with EUR cartridges and he added an extra controller port as well as other amazing changes. He had low prices on the systems , but he over-charged for games , which is why I didn’t buy any.

This beautiful contraption sits right next to its technological “little brother” , the Genesis!


Here is the amazingly comfortable controller:


That’s this wonderful day’s post! Please comment , GOD BLESS!


About Classics Rising Entertainment

Some guy. Writes about his favorite things. Is an actual human being and not a loud-mouthed-douchebot-clickbait-thousand. Heavy Metal, Video Games older than I am, and entertainment in general are my specialty. Enjoy the fellow person.

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