How to Make LEGO Chocolate!

If you’re anything like me , you are addicted to making everything LEGO related , so why not chocolate!?!? Before I show you the delicious wonder you can make , I might as well show you how to make it! Here are the supplies needed:

1. LEGO Minifigure or Brick Ice Cube Tray

2. Scissors

3. Chocolate (& Peanut butter) Chips

4. Plastic Ziploc Bag

5.  A Microwave or other Melting Device

6. A Freezer

7. Cleaning Supplies


After you gather those up , follow these steps:

Take the plastic Ziploc bag and fill it about 1/3 full of chocolate chips or small chunks of chocolate then seal it. Next , put it in the microwave until the chocolate is good and runny.


Cut a small hole (about 1/3 the size of the one in the picture) into the bag and use it like a cake-froster to fill the minifigure molds one-by-one. If you have excess chocolate in the molds , use a butter knife to remove it and put it back into the bag.

HINT: Use peanut butter chips to get Reese Minifigs!

Last , but certainly not least , put it in the fridge of freezer for around a half hour (time varies depending on the fridge/freezer’s temperature ; also the freezer works best).Now you can enjoy your chocolate LEGO Minifigs!


These did great at a church party I took them too , but some were confused at the sight of them . They ones I kept for myself got a bit melted before I could take a good picture , so they are more like chocolate LEGO Zombies now! This is a very messy process and gooey process , so be ready to clean! They are worth whatever harm they cause to innocent napkins (or over-eaters!).

That’s todays delicious post! Please comment , GOD BLESS!


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