LEGO Star Wars BrickMaster Review

I was at GoodWill the other day and while the employees were stocking the book shelves , I noticed something on their cart. It was the Atlantis and Castle LEGO BrickMaster books! After I scooped them up and began to take off someone handed me a LEGO Star Wars BrickMaster book as well! The original price was $30 each , but we only paid $2.50 each. Now to the review! It took me a while , but I built all of the models.


Here are the first models :  AAT(Armored Assault Tank) Battle Tank and Nu-Class Attack Shuttle.

The both look nice , especially the AAT . The AAT’s secondary laser canons move up and down/360 degrees. The turret swivels and the primary laser canon moves up and down. The NCAS’s wings , cockpit , secondary and primary laser canons move.  A problem is that the 2 transparent Bricks that make the display stand aren’t enough to leave it in “fly” position. Neither of the models hold Minifigs  , sadly.


The second models ; LAAT/R (Low Altitude Assault Transport / Reconnaissance) and STAS (Single Trooper AirSpeeder)

Both are great models ; lots of articulation and weapons. The LAAT/R definitely looks the best . It has blasters (wings)  , canons (below swivel) , and a primary canon (swivel).  The STAS is smaller , and less exciting , as it has no moving parts except the tiny laser under the ship. It still looks really neat though. These two models hold Figures  , which makes them much better.

100_5851 100_5850

The third models , S-Wing and Mobile Missile Platform.

The S-Wing looks very cool with its six (6) separate blasters , hinged wings , and sleek design. The MMP looks great too. It has a giant laser canon , and a ground vibration censor (blaster-looking thing in the front). Not as sleek a design , but still great.


Now , the last (and my favorite) models , the AT-RT (All-Terrain Reconnaissance Transport) , and VTS (Varied Terrain Speeder).

I have always loved the walkers in Star Wars and though this is a Prequel/Clone Wars walker , it is still the best of the models. It has a moving antenna , the legs move at two joints each (foot and legs) , it has a Clone Trooper blaster holder in the back , controls , and a blaster canon. It stands up well , which is very hard to do with LEGO (I’ve built a Minifig-scale AT-ST before , and balancing , even while standing on a baseplate , is a hard thing to make a LEGO model do).

The VTS is the best of the Droid ships. It has a large swiveling cannon , a nice design and the Droid fits nicely. While I was typing the review , I noticed something in the book’s picture of the finished model that wasn’t shown in the instructions: more blasters!


I looked over the instructions over and over , and these are not present. If you wish to add these you must follow these instructions:


Remove the Droid cockpit controls , both sets of Bricks on the side , and the 1×4’s with the dark grey 1×2’s on them from the front of the model. Then replace the light grey 1×4 with the structure pictured. Then just put all the pieces back in their place , and you’re done.

Now for the review of the book itself!


Information about the models ,  their real counterparts , tips , and little comics are given throughout the book. There is also great artwork on the pages  , and there is a nice compartment that holds the bag of Bricks you get . The bag is actually really good quality and is reuseable , the book is about the same quality as the LEGO Encyclopedia/Dictionary books . One huge problem I found was the instructions. The instructions aren’t well put together (kind of ironic) : you don’t get the list that shows you the pieces used in a given step , and the steps are very crowded (too many things being done in a single step). After you get through that , you have great models for your collection. Is it worth the $30 price tag? Actually , yes! Here’s how:

240 LEGO Bricks

X 10 cents (average price) per Brick = $24.00

+ 2 Minifigs

+ Hardcover book and instructions

=Totally worth it!

This is my review! Please comment , GOD BLESS!


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