LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball Machine

After playing Sonic Spinball and my Sonic the Hedgehog Pinball Machine for a while , I decided to make a LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball Machine!  (If you’re wondering , “Spinball” is a pun on the word Pinball and Sonic’s famous Spindash)


It consists of a Pinball vending mechanism (vends when you push the button) that vends a blue ball (Sonic) into the Robotnik-themed playfield . The player must then use the flippers to launch Sonic up to Robotnik’s Eggmobile and hit the Eggmobile’s Laser Blaster. Sonic must continually be launched Sonic into the Laser Blaster until the it is pushed all the way in , at which point the Boss is defeated.

Robotnik’s hands act as bumpers and 2 Chaos Emerald beams protect the Blaster as well as act as an obstacle that can send Sonic rolling down in-between the flippers .

Though the machine is more functional with the ball-vender , it is much more beautiful without it.


Part of the Robotnik background is covered by the vending mechanism , and it also makes the machine look messy. The two yellow pieces on either end of the playfield prevent the ball from getting hung up on the hands.

When I first decided to make a Pinball machine , I was some-what hesitant of the idea ; though my first attempt was successful , one of my more recent and massive attempts ended in total failure. I built a nearly 2-foot long Sonic 3 & Knuckles Pinball Machine with stages representing the zones in the game. The Zones included an Angel Island Zone on the bottom (complete with leaf bumpers , green flippers , and an ocean in-between the flippers) , a Sky Sanctuary Zone in the middle (with cloud flipper and cloud bumpers) , and a large Death Egg , complete with death-hazards and a Robotnik boss. The Boss consisted of Dr. Robotnik atop an Eggmobile-type machine with two buttons that can be pushed to defeat the Boss. (The Robotnik was just a head and a top of a torso ; the head eventually became the design for my SatAM Robotnik ) The failure of this MOC came from its shear size and weight ; it used so many pieces that I had to make the playfield thin , and reinforcing it was impossible , thus it crumbled . Also there were multiple flippers (5 , if I can recall) that were hard to secure. Lastly , there were access points that were under the machine that would not stay in place or function correctly (the access points were for an instant-death hazard located in the Death Egg that would send the fallen ball back to the  ball-retrieval area).

What do you think of this MOC? It took many hours to build and I love to play it! Please comment , GOD BLESS!


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