Great New Finds!

At Classics Rising , I try to keep it regular ; a post every day or at least every other. So you may have wondered why there has been no posts in the past few days , but don’t worry , I have a good excuse!!

Me and my family went to Atlanta for a job my Dad had to do. While we were there , we swung by Kennesaw , which has one of the best antique stores ever! Big Shanty Antiques and Gifts is located in Kennesaw , Georgia , and has many great antiques , as well as vintage stuff from the 80’s and the 90’s. They have low prices , and great products! The store has entire areas devoted to toys , but , even better , Star Wars! I wanted to get lots of figures , but for a low price. I saw some good regular-sized figures , but something else struck my fancy:


A 1993 Micro-Machines Return of the Jedi mini-vehicle set (Collection #3). I picked this up in one of the awesomest Star Wars toy areas you could ever find. It only cost me $2.99 , and for 3 vehicles , that’s worth it! It includes an AT-ST (My fave!) , Jabba’s Sail Barge , and a B-Wing Fighter.

Next up……


A 1996 Star Wars Figure set from the “Jedi Search” book. It has Admiral Daala , Moruth Doole , and Kyp Durron figures , as well as Sun Crusher , Z-95 Headhunter (X-Wing) , and Tie Interceptor Vehicles. I chose this one since it had the most recognizable vehicles , and the one from the book was the best-looking of the Expanded Universe ships. Once again , only $2.99.

Also I found an amazing deal : a SEALED Namco Classic Tv Game!


This is from 2003 and has the original Arcade versions of Pac-Man , Galaxian , Dig-Dug , Bosconian , and Rally-X. It’s really cool and amazing how it’s still sealed and almost mint after 10 years. It was only $7.99!

I was reading the bottom of the package when I found something funny:


I guess it doesn’t have the sinner’s warranty! Won’t be needing that anyway!

That’s all I got from the Antique Store , but I got some more stuff after that!

I got this for free at Chick-Fil-A:


I also got this Pac-Man stress ball (which will remain sealed as squeezing it will give it cracks):


Last , but in no means not least , is this Shadow Figure with Mono Beetle :


I think the official term for a post or video like this (where one posts about new stuff they bought) is a haul. Upon posting this , I am introducing a new weekly post : Blast from the Past! Once a week me or a member will make a post about a toy or game (or ect.) from the good ole days!! To make a post , please contact me . GOD BLESS!


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Some guy. Writes about his favorite things. Is an actual human being and not a loud-mouthed-douchebot-clickbait-thousand. Heavy Metal, Video Games older than I am, and entertainment in general are my specialty. Enjoy the fellow person.

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