Sonic the Hedgehog Pinball Machine

Today I would like to show you one of the gems of my childhood . It’s my Sonic the Hedgehog Pinball machine!

online 4

I can recall countless hours spent playing this pinball machine . I would play it and play it and play it until it I got to the maximum score, 99,999. Most of the Sonic toys I had as a kid were tossed when I was 11 or 12. It’s fun to play and is actually hard. As for the artwork of the machine , Sonic Spinball! What else? The playfield artwork is the cover/cartridge artwork for Sonic Spinball on the Game Gear (RIP) . If I could Improve this , I would replace the sound effects with those from platformer Sonic the Hedgehog titles or Sonic Spinball. Also a 3-life ball mechanism , but then you would never make it to the 99,999 score without a Game Over. Maybe even a Robotnik you could attack with the ball.

I was VERY OCD about keeping my stuff safe as a kid , so this is in some-what good condition. Here’s a funny story. When I first got it , I was playing it and my brother tried to use it as a skateboard ramp. That’s why the plastic playfield cover is some-what scratched. You guys have any fun things like this that you have had since childhood? Please comment , GOD BLESS!!!


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