9494 Anikan’s Jedi Interceptor Review

(Yup , another from 5KB!)
My good friend Nace10 said that 9494 Anakin’s Jedi Interceptor was a set that he wanted very bad , so I decided to write a review about it! When I first saw pictures of Anakin’s Interceptor in 2011 , I wanted it , but the $40 price tag crushed that idea . BUT the MP3 player I had at that time cracked so I sent it off to Wal-mart since I had a warranty. They sent me a gift card for $60  , but since my brother gave me his broken MP3 player , my mom maid me give my brother half of the money from the card :(. I later earned some more money and bought the Interceptor. Let’s get to the review!

pic4 pic3
Ship : It is green since Anakin’s yellow one was destroyed in a space battle. He took the green one to confront Obi-Wan. It has 2 flick fires but they are in a position where you can’t flick them and since they don’t have a mechanism to fire them , they don’t go far because you have to push them. It has every detail except the cockpit which only has a LEGO hinged handle as ship controls. The cockpit window opens , and it’s printed so no sticker windows! (C’mon , who DOES like stickered bricks as oppose to printed??)  The wing flaps move so you can put it into flying position. Lots of detail but the bottom is somewhat messy. But that doesn’t effect the awesomeness.
Now to minifigs!
Anakin :
He has what I think is a dark brown version of CW Anakin’s hairpiece . He has a cool double sided head , a new torso with detail on the front and back. The legs are also printed. He has one flesh colored and one black hand , just like the movie!
Obi-Wan :
He is WAY more detailed than the 2005-7 figures. He’s has a new hairpiece that is a light-orange color. His head is also double sided! Both double sided heads on Anakin and Obi-Wan have one made face and one with teeth showing. Obi’s Jedi robes have been updated with a printed front and back. No printed legs but that is how it was in the film.
Basic Security Battle Droid with a solid red torso. Still awesome.
He is way better than the CW counterpart that comes in the advent calendar . His headgear isn’t movie accurate , it is just a red version of the Clone Wars headgear. He has an accurate green head and hands as well as a detailed torso and a slope brick for robes instead of legs.
This is a wonderful set very much worth the $40 price tag. All but 2 figures are exclusive variants or versions. I hope you like this review , please comment , GOD BLESS!

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