LEGO Minifigure Keychain Removal

Today I have decided to dig up an old favorite from my first blog , 5000 Bricks. If you remember this one , you’re an old-timer!

LEGO Keychain Removal

Lego keychains are LEGO minifigures that have a keyring inserted in their head. They are just like regular minifigs (some even have double-sided heads!) but they have been adapted to keychains by the legs being glued , and the head being attached by the screw. These are cool as keychains , but they are also a good way to get rare minifigures (Anakin , Leia) for a low price ($5). There are many , many ways you can remove these , and because they are all online , they must be true! Well , not realy. I have only found 2 methods successful , one of which damaged the hair. The first method everyone has tried , force (strength , not THE force), does not work , unless the Hulk is your dad. I tried a collection of methods on Leia , and her hair got a bit damaged through the trials. No method of pulling or candle heat or a combination will work. Finally , my dad used a hammer to remove the loop attaching the minifigure to the keyring. That’s a red-neck dad for ya! And yes , that damaged the hair. Later , when removing Anakin’s keyring , my dad touched the tip of metal in Leia’s head with the soldering iron and removed it.

The only truly successful method was the famous soldering iron method. This is simple and removed the keychain without any modification to the to it. Here are some retro pictures that were used in the original post!



Paint over the metal:

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Leia’s broken screw and Anakin’s perfect one.


Perfectly removed!!


What’s the side effects? (NOTE: Scratches are from previous methods , not the soldering iron.)



There is a video to the soldering iron method here . Thanks for viewing , GOD BLESS!!


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  1. Nice methods, gotta tell meh friend 😀

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