TV Games : Classic Games without the Classic Price!


Have you ever wanted to play classic games , but been discouraged by the classic price? Well , don’t lose hope , TV Games are here to help!

TV Games you say? Aren’t those just full of cheesy games made for little kids? Well , usually , yes. But in 2004 a sort of “fad” began . This “fad” was for classic video game companies to put there arcade hits on these TV Games.

So now you see the good of TV Games , but now purists are probably thinking “These were made in ’04 , so they must be the re-designed games , not the originals”.  You’d also be wrong on that point. These games are not re-designed , but the originals! How dare they!!!! Just kidding , but SEGA is almost ashamed of the REAL originals , re-making the sound effects and making the games easier. But no worries here. The only re-design here is that on Pole Position some of the “advertisement” signs have been changed to signs that have Jakks Pacific logos and logos of the games featured on the TV Game on them , but otherwise it’s the same game.

All of these seen in the pictures are vintage , but Atari and SEGA still make TV Games today! SEGA has a new Genesis system  (which has already been blogged about)  containing , sadly , redesigned games from the Genesis era as well as some clone games. This is a TV Game but it is made by AtGames , not Jakks Pacific.

Atari has their series of Atari Flashback‘s which contain some ports in certain versions , while some contain unreleased games. They also have the Atari 2600 joystick TV Game .

That’s today’s post. Sorry it is so late , I am sick. Please comment , GOD BLESS!

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