Things we DON’T Like About LEGO

We all love LEGO. There’s nothing that can’t be done with a handful of bricks and a basic knowledge of how they work. But let’s look at the stuff we hide in the deepest attics of our minds : things we DON’T like about LEGO.

Of course there are the rare things like missing pieces and misprints , but lets look at something that’s meant to happen.

New sets . I love LEGO and enjoy most every set , but they are doing something I disapprove of. All the newer sets contain parts that can only be used to build that specific car or house. Especially the small sets. I enjoy old LEGO ;if you didn’t like something , for instance , a house , you could turn it into a Landspeader! Nowadays , you just can’t do that anymore. I wish it was still the old way , but they are trying to make the sets easier for children to build , not AFOL’s and TFOL’s like us. But , this is only for City and themes like that. Luckily for us T and AFOL’s , LEGO’s most popular theme still holds to the old and re-useable ways! Of course , I am speaking of Star Wars!!! All the LSW sets are made the ole-fashioned way , and honestly look better than the new City sets. It seems in those sets that LEGO is almost ashamed of themselves , trying to require less and less building and “LEGO-ness” in each set. They have gone , in some sets , from “Building Bricks” to “Some Assembly Required”. But , we only see that in the cheaper , smaller sets , which children are more likely to buy.  What do you thing of this new idea of LEGO’s? Please comment your opinion , GOD BLESS!


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