Sonic Super Digest #2

100_5642 I am very glad to announce that Sonic Super Digest #2 is now released!!! It features classic Sonic comics , as well as some new material . Since the first SSD post was an informatory post , this will be more of a review. It has some great comics from the classic Knuckles saga , as well as some classic Chaotix stuff. I will say that I honestly HATE one of the comics in it. It’s a new one featuring that stupid “magical elephant” . I despise the character , and the comic was boring and monotonous  . All the stupid magic and crap like that strays too far from what Sonic comics are about : Sonic VS Robotnik! Which brings us to our next point : Dr. Robotnik is in almost every comic! He is once referred to as “The lord of Lard” which is hilarious !! We take a look at Endless Arcade’s new adaption on Sonic the Hedgehog 4 :Episode 2 . It explains the meaning of a “Load Bearing Boss” (A boss that causes the whole area to self-destruct once it is defeated) as well as giving some cool info! Such as : The 1st stage boss music for Sonic the Hedgehog 4 : Episode 1 came from some prototype “parade” music from Sonic 3D Blast , and STH4E2’s boss music is based on the second stage boss music! We also get a nice comic about STH4E2 (BTW , still laughing about the “Lord of Lard”!!!). Also , we get to see the adventures of Sonic’s fellow Freedom Fighter , Atoine , who is on a quest to find the other half of his father’s map. He is lead to Robotnik’s nephew , Snively , who has the other half , but uses a computer to find out what the “Budding Circle” mentioned on map is. He takes hordes of EggRobos (which are revealed to be created by him to aid in the defeat of his uncle , Ivo Robotnik) and is trying to find the Krudzu to , once again , aid in the defeat of his uncle , Robotnik (Let it be stated now that Snively is Robotnik’s assistant , but secretly wants to overtake him). Antoine is discovered and is chased and shot at by the fleet of EggRobos , and runs to Uncle Chuck’s home. He returns to battle , and finds Sonic & co. defeating the EggRobos. Robotnik takes Snively and questions his knowledge of more powerful Badnik’s , but Snively is never discovered to be against the Doctor in this comic. I’m not gunna tell you any more , so go buy it yourself! Please comment , GOD BLESS!!!


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