Atari Belt Buckle and Wrist Band on Sale for $1!!!

100_5642 - Copy I was at Toys “R” Us yesterday and went to the Sonic aisle after searching through the on-sale LEGOs. When I went to the aisle , I noticed the Atari combo pack I saw last time. But , it was on sale for only $1!!! I bought it  , of course ,  and was thrilled to open it. I immediately added it to the collection of wristbands/bracelets/watches already on my arm. I do plan on eventually wearing the buckle , but it has a fatal flaw : the joystick poking up will stab me in the stomach when I sit down!!!! I’ll work something out , since I would love to more original and unique!!!!! It is made to look like an Atari 2600 controller , with amazing detail. Well worth the $1. Please comment , GOD BLESS!


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Some guy. Writes about his favorite things. Is an actual human being and not a loud-mouthed-douchebot-clickbait-thousand. Heavy Metal, Video Games older than I am, and entertainment in general are my specialty. Enjoy the fellow person.

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