Sky High Zone Boss


Game: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (GG)

Year : 1992

Boss Location: Sky High Zone

Enemy: Badniks

Health: First Stage : 8 Hits

Second Stage : Minimum of 4 hits but varies depending on how long it takes the player to destroy them (the things that need to be destroyed shoot out Badniks if the player doesn’t destroy them within a few seconds , making more hits necessary to get to the next stage)

Third Stage (Main Boss) : 6 Hits

Total Health: Minimum of 18 Hits

Playable Characters: Sonic the Hedgehog


The Sky High Zone Boss is the second one in the Game Gear version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. It consists of 3 stages , the third of which is the main boss. In the first stage , Sonic stands on a cloud while 4 Badnik birds shoot through the clouds and come down to attack Sonic. If he touches one while unprotected , he will die. After he destroys these 4 , 4 more shoot through the clouds. After Sonic destroys those , he falls through the clouds and into the second stage. In this stage , 4 Badnik launchers shoot more birds at Sonic. After the 4 launchers are destroyed , the main Boss comes out. The main Boss (pictures above) is a giant bird that moves back and forth while shooting slow-moving homing lasers at Sonic. After 6 hits , the boss is defeated.



When the first stage of birds comes out , run to get some momentum and then roll into all of the Badniks. Also you can hit the birds while they are coming down to destroy them.


Run to get some momentum and them roll through all of the bird launchers. Since they don’t move like the birds , you can easily roll through all of them and destroy them. But be careful ; as soon as the 4 launchers are destroyed , the main Boss will come out , even if bird Badniks are still there.


When the bird comes out , it will shoot out a slow-moving homing laser at Sonic. The difficult part isn’t avoiding that , but avoiding being launched into it. How you ask? When you jump on the bird’s head , you will bounce back , just like with all the other bosses. If you don’t use this to get away from the bird , it will use it’s beak as a ramp and use the bounce-back to throw you right into the laser! If you roll into the bird’s neck , it will also throw you right into the laser.



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