The Classics Rising Awards!

Classics Rising is dedicated to classics , but there can be an argument over what is the best. I have decided , because of that , to make The Classics Rising Awards!!!! The first award will go to the best game system:


As you can see there are 3 choices: Sega Genesis , Atari 2600 , and Game Gear. I will be voting but I will not tell which one I am voting for. A poll will be added to the website to see what the viewers want. Other awards (like best classic toy) will also be given. Hope you guys vote. What do you guys think of the Classics Rising  game system? It is sort of a combination of a Sega Genesis and an Atari 2600. Please vote , GOD BLESS!


About Classics Rising Entertainment

Some guy. Writes about his favorite things. Is an actual human being and not a loud-mouthed-douchebot-clickbait-thousand. Heavy Metal, Video Games older than I am, and entertainment in general are my specialty. Enjoy the fellow person.

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