How to Fix a Non-Working Sega Genesis Cartridge (Works with Any Cartridge)

Sega Genesis cartridges are made to last. They are big enough not to get lost , yet small enough to be manageable . Their strong shell and small amount of vulnerable parts makes them very hard to accidentally ruin. The only way to really destroy one is to soak it in water. But a common mistake is someone thinking a game doesn’t work when really it just needs to be cleaned!

Problem: Sega Genesis cartridge doesn’t work or only works sometimes.

Solution: Don’t worry. Your game is not ruined , it’s just dirty. Get a Q-Tip and about half a cap of rubbing alcohol . Did the Q-Tip into the alcohol and clean the exposed contacts lightly so you don’t break part of the Q-Tip break off on them. After that , get a paper towel and rub them again to remove any excess alcohol. Pull off any of the ripped Q-Tip that is stuck on the contacts , and leave the cartridge out for a while to assure that it is dry.

NOTE : Do not soak the contacts or cartridge , as it will result in the destruction of your cartridge.

Hope this helps , and remember it may take a few times before you get all the dust off. GOD BLESS!


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