Underground Zone Boss

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Game: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (GG)

Year : 1992

Boss Location: Underground Zone

Enemy: Dr. Robotnik and a Badnik

Health: Six bombs will cause this Boss to explode (it isn’t destroyed until the EggMobile crushes it though)

Playable characters: Sonic the Hedgehog


The Underground Zone Boss is the first of the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 game for SEGA Game Gear. The boss starts as Sonic runs off a ramp and almost hits the lava but Dr. Robotnik catches him in his EggMobile just before he does (which would result in the loss of a life since there are no Rings available in this Act). Robotnik takes him over to a slope and drops him there. At the end of the slope is a giant robotic ant constantly biting , waiting for Sonic to fall in his jaws. Dr. Robotnik (though it is never shown to be him) drops bouncing bombs down the slope that Sonic must avoid. If Sonic can avoid the bomb , it will hit the ant mech and explode on it. Each time the ant is hit it bites faster (but it doesn’t effect Sonic since he can only be hurt by it if he runs into it). After 6 bombs , the mech will explode and Dr. Robotnik will jet the EggMobile down the slope at Sonic. If Sonic avoids the EggMobile  , it will squash the mech and they will both explode. The hard part about this is he fact that the bombs bounce at different heights , some more difficult to avoid that others. The bouncing sound they make can help you identify whether they are going to bounce low , medium  , or high. Low Sonic can jump over ; high he can run under ; but the medium ones he can’t easily jump over and they bounce very fast and thus are hard to run under. The lack of Rings in this level make it even more hard ; Sonic will lose a life if he touches the EggMobile , the bombs , or the ant. After it is defeated , Sonic will run to the floating Egg Prison and hit it , freeing the animals inside while it explodes.



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