Fixing an Awkward Game Gear Screen


Problem: Game Gear has awkward viewing angle and vertical lines from objects on-screen.

Solution: This is common among GG’s. The capacitors rot away , and it can lead to the point that the GG will not read games.  Capacitors for the GG only cost around $12 , but soldering iron skills are required to replace them. You NEED to replace the capacitors ASAP , as they all will eventually rot , unless you have a Majesco model . If you’re not into replacing the cap’s , then use the rotten-cap troubleshoot (below).

Procedure :

There is a dial similar to the one made to adjust the volume on the right side of the Game Gear. It can be turned to adjust the lighting of the Game Gear , which actually does wonders to the screen when it comes to the listed problems. If you adjust it perfectly , you will have a normal viewing angle and little to no vertical lines. But be careful ; if you adjust it too much or too fast , the lines will remain or screen will black out and you will have to shut down the system for a while and wait for it to go back to normal. If the screen sort of scrambles , but you can still mostly see the screen , give it a moment to adjust and it will go back to normal. Use this technique to slowly adjust the screen so you have less lines and perfect viewing angle.

Different games have different brightness needs ; with Pac-Man brightness needs to be all the way down but with adjustments when needed , with Sonic 1 & 2 it takes adjusting and there is no solid point at which you can turn the dial to make it perfect.

Hope this helps you , GOD BLESS!


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