Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Game Gear)

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for Game Gear was released in 1992 by SEGA. This game was the first to feature Sonic’s sidekick Miles “Tails” Prower . The character is not playable though , he is featured as more of a “prize” for beating the game with all the Chaos Emeralds. It is one of few games for Game Gear that offers extra stages if the player collects all the Chaos Emeralds as appose to just giving the game a better ending.

The game starts out showing Tails running from Dr. Robotnik in his Eggmobile while Sonic tries to catch up and rescue his friend. Robotnik grabs Tails with a claw fitted to his Eggmobile and takes him away. Tails can only be saved if the player has all the Chaos Emeralds or uses a cheat code to access the Crystal Egg Zone and defeat Robotnik.


As appose to the usual ease of the regular Game Gear games , this game is very difficult , more than most Genesis/Mega Drive games as well. This game is also one of the very few classic Sonic games that doesn’t begin with a nature/forest themed first level . This game has 7 Zones , the last of which can only be played through level select or having all the Chaos Emeralds. All the Zones are the standard platform game for the time , but most have extra abilities not seen in other games. The Zones in this game include:

Underground Zone:

A underground mine where Sonic must avoid lava and can ride mine carts to avoid spikes and break through them.

Sky High Zone :

A level similar to Sonic and Knuckles’ “Sky Sanctuary” where Sonic can us hang gliders to fly through the level and avoid hazards. The hang glider is very difficult to fly at first , but it can be flown with ease and must be used to complete the first act.

Aqua Lake Zone:

A level similar to the “Labyrinth Zone” . Lots of fountains populate the area along with underwater Badniks and traps. Sonic can float in a bubble if he jumps into it. He can control it to some extent , but it goes upward the entire time. Sonic getting inside the bubble also replenishes his oxygen supply but the bubble will pop if it touches anything besides rings.

Green Hills Zone:

A spike and springboard filled zone similar to the original Green Hill Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog.

Gimmick Mt. Zone :

A robotic mountain filled with spinning wheels and traps all around.

Scrambled Egg Zone:

A dark , mountainous Zone similar to the Underground Zone. It is the hardest of all levels due to the many tubes that Sonic must go through to complete the level. There are multiple paths for some of the tubes and split-second changes in direction must be made to get through a different tube and to the goal.

Crystal Egg Zone:

A Zone consisting of crystals with Robotnik’s face all over them as tiles for walls and floors. The similarity in the look of the tiles makes it hard to discriminate between breakable and non-breakable walls. This Zone can only be accessed by collecting all of the Chaos Emeralds or using the level select cheat.

The end of the game shows Sonic running through the Green Hills Zone as night time gets closer and closer , making the Zone darker. After the Zone gets dark enough , Sonic stops running , looks to the sky and sees Tails formed out of stars while a “happy” sound effect is played , possibly hinting that Tails died onboard the Crystal Egg or that he escaped. The happy ending shows Sonic and Tails running together and they are both formed out of stars in the end. Credits role in a small window below Sonic. The “Bad Ending” plays even if you beat the Crystal Egg Zone ; the “Good Ending” can only be accessed by getting all of the Chaos Emeralds.



When you turn on the Game Gear , hold in DOWN and LEFT at the same time while holding in START , 1 , and 2 . You can skip the video , but make sure you are only releasing the START button , and keep it held down after you press it again. When the “Press Start” menu shows , wait a few seconds until you here the Ring sound play two times , then release and press START again. When at the level select menu , press 2 to select.


In the first Act of the first Zone , there is a springboard that sends Sonic up a shaft. When you get into the shaft , hold in LEFT and you will go through a tunnel and you will find an open area with an Extra Life guarded by a Badnik. In the second zone , there will be a square brick with a springboard on the top and the right. Run into the one of the right and roll into the wall. You will break through it and make your way into 2 caves. Break through the wall and through the wall in the cave. There will be a small opening in which a extra life will be. But be careful ; if you are rolling the floor will break under you , so walk up close to the extra life and then roll into it .


Make sure you have lots of speed before you grab on , hold UP to maintain a good glide. Press LEFT to lift yourself a bit ; hold it for longer to lower . Switch between UP and LEFT to adjust your flight. This comes in handy in the second Act.


Underground Zone Boss

Sky High Zone Boss

There’s the info , GOD BLESS!


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