Where Will (LEGO) Star Wars Go from Here?

As most of you have heard , George Lucas sold LucasFilm to avoid a pricy new tax that would cost him more than he wished to pay. Not only did he sell it , but he sold it to the worst possible company , Disney. Now Disney is going to continue the saga all the way into Episode IX. Sadly , they are hiring new directors to make these films. Depressingly , this will also effect LEGO Star Wars. Thankfully the designs of the sets are in the hands of the LEGO designers , but everything else is now in Disney’s claws. The thing I am most afraid of is the idea that Disney may try to focus on promoting the new films and have a majority of the sets made for those , instead of the original movies that we love. I’m also not looking forward to seeing that Disney logo on my LEGO Star Wars box. In the movies , I am scared of them trying to make Star Wars their movie instead of continuing the saga. It is very hard to continue the saga ; even George Lucas “messed up the Star Wars saga” in the opinion of some (in reference to the prequels). So how will a director hired by Disney continue it if it’s creator couldn’t? They can’t. I am very afraid of also Disney trying to sneak a Disney/Mickey Mouse logo onto the new ships. Also , I fear that the language and sexual content will be raised to a high level , just like in some of the other Disney films. This is my opinion , what is yours? Please comment , GOD BLESS!


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  1. I’m scared too. I agree that Disney will totally screw it up.

  2. It’s a terrible tragedy……

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