Pac-Mania (SEGA Genesis)

Pac-Mania for the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive system was released in 1991 by Namco and Tengen as a home alternative to the 1987 arcade version.

100E5548 The game features graphics that are a 3D view , but not the animated 3D sprites and background of the arcade version ; a technology that would later meet the Genesis in the 1994 game “Virtua Racing” and the 1996 game “Sonic 3D Blast”. The game features the 4 worlds seen in the original: Block Town (pictured above) , Pac-Man’s Park (a 3D version of the original Pac-Man 1st stage) , Sandbox Land (a maze with a sand floor and many pyramids all around ; it is surrounded by water and the ghost house is full of it as well) , and Jungle Steps (a maze made up of what appears to be bamboo with vines under it). Working in conjunction with the original ghosts are green and black ghosts (“Spunky” and “Funky”) and a purple “Sue” from Ms. Pac-Man. Starting at “Sandbox Land” the green ghosts will jump at the same time  Pac-Man does , but at a lower height. Along with fruit we have red and green Power Pellets ; green increases Pac-Man’s speed and red has the same power as a Power Pellet but it doubles the score for everything Pac-Man eats. Also the length of the ghost’s vulnerability with this Power Pill is shorter than with the regular Power Pills. The game’s similarity to the original is close , but the conversion to the Genesis makes for a very fun game.


Speedy Ghosts:

The ghosts in this game will chase you if they are close to you , but they will change their path if you manage to get far enough away. In the later levels , Sue gets faster , and earns the characteristic of “Shadow” as written in the manual. When she sees you , she will chase you and not change paths. When she is chasing you in a straight line , it is obvious that she is gaining on Pac-Man , unlike with  the other ghosts , with whom Pac-Man obviously gains distance over. So save all the Power Pellets until you are being chased by her.


There is a really good ability that you can turn on that will give Pac-Man speed superior to Sue and the other ghost. This ability is called the “Pac-Booster” and can be activated by going into “Options” and turning it on.

Jumping Ghosts:

The green and black ghosts jump at the same time Pac-Man does , but they only hit him if he tries to jump over them when he is too far away. Pac-Man can jump over the ghosts if he is directly over them at the apex of his jump.

That is the info on the game , GOD BLESS!


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