Sonic Generatons Review


Today is the first day of 2013 , and as our first review of the year , I would like to post about a video game I got for CHRISTmas , Sonic Generations .

Sonic Generations is a video game made by SEGA for the 20th anniversary of the original 1991 video game , Sonic the Hedgehog. The story shows Classic Sonic running through the Green Hill Zone , when the TIME EATER appears and takes him away.  Meanwhile , Modern Sonic is being surprised for his birthday by all the characters from the latest Sonic the Hedgehog video games. As he is celebrating (and eating his birthday chili-dog!) the TIME EATER comes to take him and all of his friends as well! They are all taken to a place where lots of familiar Zones are covered in white ; frozen in time.


Each Zone must be completed by Modern and Classic Sonic before they are unfrozen. Once they are unfrozen , a character is as well ( but the character can not be used in the game). Above the Zones are extra challenges that can be completed for extra points , which can be used to buy items in the store. 3 challenges must be beaten to get 3 keys and unlock the Boss room. Extra characters are in the area and must be fought to collect some Chaos Emeralds ; the rest are given through boss , and one is just given in a cutscene.



This game is the first in a while to have Classic Sonic running through platforms , the way it was originally. Sonic can do the classic Spindash attack , as well as the Spin Attack he does when he jumps. He fights 2 of the 4 bosses in the game , the last of which is also fought with Modern Sonic. He fights 1 of the 3 Chaos Emerald challenges.  Now Sonic is in 3D but it is still the classic platform game. The gameplay reminds me of the countless hours I spent as a child and the countless hours I spend today playing the original Sonic games. It reminds me a lot of footage I’ve seen of Sonic CD combined with footage I’ve seen of Sonic the Hedgehog 4. It does seem to be missing many elements of the classic games though. On the flip side , there are many elements that weren’t in the original games. These are the most fun out of the 2 Acts in every Zone. The first three Zones (Green Hill , Chemical Plant , Sky Sanctuary) are the most fun , mainly since they are from the original games and have all the elements we remember , but in 3D form! It is really nice to have new content in the style of the classic games I love. Now let’s get to the first boss of the game , and it’s in classic form!


This Boss is a re-designed  version of the Death EGG Mecha from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. It’s first attack is similar to the originals ; it will aim then shoot one of his arms at you , then leap into the air. Once he does this , Sonic must run under the Mech and , after it lands , hit the back of the robot , knocking him down. After this is done a few times , the platform Sonic and the Death EGG Robot are on comes up to a new area , where sonic is thrown onto more platforms after the robot jumps up.


In this part , the mech aims its spiked arm at Sonic , and launches it at him , destroying platforms around the area. Sonic can jump on a button that will activate a bomb on a platform near-by. Sonic can trick Eggman into aiming the robots arm at this area , causing the bomb to explode on the arm , freezing the mech. Sonic then has a short amount of time to jump on the arm , spindash to the head , and jump on it. This only has to be done twice to defeat Dr. Eggman . This boss is like classic in the sense that it looks like classic Robotnik , it is fought platform style , and it uses classic Robotnik tactics.  Sonic only has to jump on it to damage it , just like the originals. Though , it doesn’t  flash white when it’s hit , and it is knocked over when it is hit , unlike the original. None of this effects the fun and classicness  of this boss.


The modern gameplay is just like that of the recent Sonic games. It is fun to play as Modern Sonic in Classic Sonic Zones. I would have to say about 20% of Modern Sonic gameplay is in platform form , making something very fun even more fun. Modern Sonic has the ability to dash , jump then dash , and perform a homing attack. He plays in many levels from the newer Sonic games as well as the 3 classic Zones. He fights 3 of the four bosses , the last of which is fought by him and Classic Sonic. He also fights 2 of the 3 Chaos Emerald challenges.


The final boss is the enemy behind it all , the Time Eater! But guess what? He is controlled by Dr. Eggman! Want more? He used the Time Eater to go back in time to reverse his past failures , and brings back , you guessed it , Dr. Ivo Robotnik! Also known as Dr. Eggman. The two round villains discuss how Robotnik got here (who is actually referred to as “Dr. Robotnik” by Classic Tails).Then the battle ensues , in which the Time Eater flies backwards while being chased by Super Classic and Modern Sonic. The Time Eater attacks by launching homing rockets and using his “Warping-Arm Attack” in which he warps one or more of his arms right in front of Sonic , and smacking him down. You attack by dashing until you can get to its core. A good technique for getting to the core is by dashing and using the entire dash and not going dash-dash-dash-dash-dash-dash but more like dash———-dash———dash. Once you can make your way to its core , it will try to smash you. Avoid that then you can send Modern Sonic into the core , damaging the Time Eater. Then Rings will burst forth from the machine , and he will fly back. After this he will start slowing down time in short bursts , and will double his warping-arm attack. After the 3rd hit , he will make a giant fire-ball and hold it in front of him to defend himself . Both Sonics can grab onto eachother and combine their power , then they will launch themselves through the fireball and into the core , destroying the Time Eater. After that , Sonic and co. are sent back to where his party was , and later Classic Sonic and Tails go back to there time. Dr. Robotnik of the past and the future are sent into a white , blank void. A hilarious argument ensues about the recent failure and future failures. And the game ends.


This is the best of all the modern Sonic games , winning my vote of the best game of 2011. It combines the best of both worlds ! I love the story and idea. That’s my review. Please comment , GOD BLESS!


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