LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog MOCs

I have been playing Sonic the Hedgehog ever since I could play video games. So if Sonic games are amazing , LEGO Sonic must be amazing too!!!!!!

Green Hill Zone Boss (1991 , STH)


I  made this a long time ago but I always find a better way to build it so it has been through many reincarnations . This boss is considered to be one of the most famous battles in video game history! I put a waterfall and trees in the background (made smaller so they look far away). There are 2 Badniks and 1 ring monitor (gives player 10 rings when broken). The first Badnik is MotoBug , and the other is Crabmeat.

EggMobile (1992 , STH 2)


This EggMobile was easier to make since it is bigger (which opens up a whole new world of possible pieces that can be used to make it accurate) and it has fewer tiny details than the 1991 variant. It is my favorite of the EggMobile’s that I have made.

SATAM Dr. Ivo Robotnik (1993 , “Sonic the Hedgehog” tv series )

014 This is a fully detailed Dr. Ivo Robotnik from the 1993 tv show “Sonic the Hedgehog”. He is fully detailed , including his roboticized left arm and half-roboticized right arm.

EggMecha (1994 S&K)

011 This is a LEGO version of the EggMecha , the final boss from the 1994 game Sonic & Knuckles.It has 4 weapons in the video game replicated in LEGO : 2 bomb launchers and 2 explosive spike ball launchers. The 2×2 round grey bricks attached to the jets (in the game) launch bombs that are guided by light rocket boosters so they can hit and explode on Sonic. The two “buttons” in the front of the black part of the mech are spiked-bomb shooters that will be shot at Sonic , be he unfortunate enough to get under the mech. This machine resembles Dr. Robotnik in every way , except his mustache , which is absent from the robot , much like on the EggRobos also featured in the same game. This boss can only be accessed if the player beats the game with all 7 Chaos Emeralds or if you use the level select code. Sonic will be transformed to Super Sonic and chase the doctor who is escaping in a ship containing this mech. Once the get-away ship is destroyed , the EggMecha emerges , and attacks Sonic. But Sonic in his Super/Hyper form is invincible , and the weapons , instead of harming the player , explode on them and cause them to be thrown back tumbling ,  wasting precious time since the player will lose 1 ring every second. If the player looses all rings , they will be turned back into regular Sonic and fall to their death.

013 Front view.

I hope you guys like my post! Please comment , GOD BLESS!


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