Sega Portable System Review

This is a review of the “Ultimate Portable Game Player”  made by SEGA and CapCom. USD $40  , sold at Dollar General.

pDGC1-13986371v380The system resembles a redesigned Game Gear system , but it doesn’t work with original cartridges like the SMD (Sega Mega Drive) variant sold at the same price in the same place. And none of the games are the Game Gear versions , like in the older makes of these. It is portable , lightweight , and thin. It features the six buttons seen on the SEGA Genesis remote. It is rechargeable  , and CLAIMS that you can put other games on it through an SD card port , but you can’t , as told in every other review online.

Here is the review of the system.

This system comes with 40 games , most of which are by SEGA , and 3 by CapCom. All the other games are cheesy clone games made specifically for this system , such as “Cross the Street” ; a Frogger knock-off where 3 guys cross the street. The screen is 2.8 inches , as said on the back of the box. The screen has great graphics , better than Nintendo DS even. The sound quality is terrible. The sound of Sonic collecting rings and various others are pretty unrecognizable. When you play an old game that you played a long time ago , it sorta rings a bell. With this , the quality is awful and the lovely music and sounds are unrecognizable ; no nostalgia relieved here. Let me just put this into perspective for you ; the sound of Sonic breaking through walls/ surface breaking beneath him /fireworks in Mean Bean Machine/ Robotnik exploding (and who-knows what else , since I didn’t play them all) are all the same sound in all Sonic games , and are honestly bad ; they sound like a bird tweeting while glass shatters.  Another negative is that the games are the easier redesigns , not the originals. But there are some good’s about it. It is small , portable , and you still more or less get your favorite games on the go (Unless you are a video game purist like I am , in which case you hate redesigns). I don’t really recommend this since you can get a REAL Game Gear for about half the price. Please comment , GOD BLESS!


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