2013 Sonic Merchandise!

I was looking on the Sonic Merchandise webpage and somehow got to a different country’s version (Germany I think) and saw that they have all the new products already! I suppose that these are 2013 products , since they are all labled as “Out of Stock” meaning that they have not come in yet. Even LEGO.com shows new products earlier for other countrys’  versions of the website than US’s. Here are some good pics I got.

Pic of the whole collection of these.

Dr.Eggman/ Dr. Ivo Robotnik  rubber keychain. It is E3.49 in that country , but the $30 Eggman shirt is $20 in that country , so I can not determine the USD price. It looks good , and it’s got Robotnik on it , so DUH I’m gunna buy it.

 Dr. Eggman/Dr. Ivo Robotnik logo t-shirt E19.99 . Nice Logo.

Green Hill Zone mug. It’s got classic Robotnik , gunna get it!

 Sonic “You’re Too Slow!”  mug. Nice look! But I only have room for 1 mug…………

Sonic PVC Statue figure. I may be getting this but I may get the “Sonic Generations” one. There is also a classic Knuckles one of these.

Classic Sonic Figure. I may buy this since it is classic Sonic and cheaper than the pack that has the Badnik with it.

Metal Sonic figure. I have never played “Sonic CD” , the game that has this variant , but I have seen the movie he was in. Plus I fought the Metal Sonic in “Sonic & Knuckles”. A definite get for me.

Classic Amy figure. MAYBE a get since it isn’t that famous a character and the only game I have with this variant is “Sonic Drift” in which she is in a car. It does look cool though…. maybe.

Classic Tails figure. Like the others , it’s a Sonic character , and I will probably collect them all.

I wish they would make a small Dr. Robotnik one ! It would be awesome! I might not get these individually , since I can get all of them in the classic figures pack.

Classic Sonic pins/badges. Yes! Love em! Gotta get these!

Modern Character pins/badges. Once again , Robotnik! Gotta get these and hang them on my wall (in the package , of course).

Sonic Colors figure with 2 Wisps. Never played Sonic Colors , but I may after seeing all the cool stuff about it I’ve seen!

Light-Up Speed Star car. I already have a mini Speed Star but this may be one I will get if I get some extra ca$h. There is also a Knuckles version.

 Sonic snow hat. I already have a Sonic hat with plush ears. But if this had some ears on it ,  , I would definitely get it!

Well that is about it. What do you guys think? Please comment , GOD BLESS!


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