New Sega Genesis!

(NOTE : The information here is too positive for the system , they actually work horribly , as seen here )
The Sega Genesis has been discontinued for a very long time , but Sega made a new one! No , it’s not a new design with new games , but a new system made for vintage cartridges! It includes 80 (Yes 80) pre-put in games!!! Including :  Sonic the Hedgehog , Sonic the Hedgehog 2 , Sonic & Knuckles , Sonic Spinball , and Sonic 3D Blast! The Controllers are also wireless! Another added bonus is that it uses AV cords instead of the cord that goes in the back of the tv , making it easier to set up. I am not sure how well it works or if it works good with cartridge games , since I don’t own one.  The price is $40 , which is a GREAT price for a fanatic who doesn’t have a Sega , or a person who has Genesis games but no working system. But I couldn’t shell out $40 just to write a good review ,  so I’m going on faith.

(UPDATE: Upon reading reviews and purchasing (and returning) the portable one , I have determined that the ports are horrible , the home one emulates the Cartridges awfully , and you have to point the remotes directly at the system ; all bad.)

They also have made a “Game Gear” looking variant , but the games are not Game Gear and it doesn’t work with Game Gear cartridges. It seems nicer for someone that has a Genesis already , since it is portable but still has lots of games! One bad thing is that these games are all horrible ports. I bought the portable one but had to return it since I couldn’t figure out how to repay the person I borrowed money from to get it , and because it stunk. Review here : . We now know that these are horrible substitutions for the originals. If you have one of these , please comment and contact me so you can send in a review! Please comment , GOD BLESS!


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