Dr. Robotnik VS Dr. Eggman

  Dr. Eggman (on the left) and Dr. Robotnik (on the right)

Dr. Eggman VS Dr. Robotnik is probably one of the most popular Sonic arguements on the internet. It is not a battle between supervillians , but more of a who’s-who arguement. Let’s start out with Dr. Robotnik.

Dr. Ivo Robotnik was created for the 1991 video game  “Sonic the Hedgehog” in which he was the enemy of Sonic. The manual of some games call him “Dr. Ivo Robotnik (AKA Dr. Eggman)” . He is more commonly referred to as “Dr. Robotnik” in the other Sonic titles.

In 1998 , Sonic Adventure was released , with the new design now mostly referred to as “Dr. Eggman” .  Since then , all new Sonic games had this variant. It has made websites around the world ask the question “Is Dr. Eggman Dr. Robotnik?” with no official answer……. UNTIL NOW! I went to SEGA and asked , and they said “Dr. Eggman is an alias!” . I googled that and it basically is a nick-name by which a person is more known than there real name. So Dr. Eggman is just a redesigned Dr. Robotnik , going by his alias. It seems simple now but for some people it may be hard to swallow . But think about this , in 1998 they redesigned Sonic and all the other characters , including Robotnik! Get it? There is the answer to all Robotnik VS Eggman arguements! GOD BLESS!


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